Udaigiri is popular for the ancient caves and closely located to the capital city of Bhubaneswar. This is just 200 m away from the Khandagiri caves. This cave is known for holding some of the most amazing monuments that relate to the ancient culture of India. Udaigiri means the Sunrise Hill. There are 18 caves located here. Some caves are considered to be the natural ones but other caves located here are carved by the Jain monks. These caves have come into existence during when the King Kharavela used to rule on Kalinga or present Odisha. These are the ancient rock-cut temples which were once used by the Jain monks. The art works done in these caves are having similarities with the art traced at the caves of Sanchi.

The caves located here are known for holding the historical monuments and the art. Among all these caves, Rani Gumpha is the prime one. This is a double storied Jain monastery. There are seven entrances located at the lower ground and the upper region has nine columns. In this cave, you can see some amazing carvings on the stone that depicts more about women dancing and the playing some musical instruments. This cave was believed to be used as a theatre or for chants. This cave is where you can also find the image of Surya Devata riding the horse chariot.

Udayagiri Caves Bhubaneswar Orissa famouse for oldest rock cut caves Hindu images, temples bear testimony to India’s gloriou past. Orissa is most famous for the rich historical heritage, temple architecture; vibrant living temples, golden sand beaches, Indian puri and amazing nature are few highlights of this Golden Triangle. No doubt, it is rated as one of the best Family Holiday Destination in Odisha. Puri, Konark, Bhubaneswar popularly known as Golden Triangle Tour in Odisha offers best family holiday option to meet everyone’s interest.