There are a few names assigned for the district of Nabarangpur located in Odisha. This district is also called as Nabarangapur as well as Nawarangpur. It’s the dist HQ which is located at Nabarangpur. It’s the population of Nabarangpur that mostly comprises of tribal people. And the most part of the district is covered with forest. This district is located at the South West region of the state. This district also borders Koraput district of Odisha. Nabarangpur is located at an elevation of 572m from the sea level. It comprises of an area around 5294.5 sq km. at the north side Kalahandi bordering this district and at the west side Jagdalpur of Chhattisgarh. At the east side Rayagada and at the south Koraput is bordering this district. It’s the Indravati River that forms a border between Koraput and Nabarangpur districts.

It’s the dist HQ which is located at an elevation of 610m above the sea level. It is also the district that uses to experience the arrival of Monsoon ten days before every year than any other districts in Odisha. Usually, the monsoon enters into Odisha from Bay of Bengal. But this district uses to receive the arrival of monsoon from Arabian Sea. Due to this reason, the rainfall remains very generous here. Drought like condition is rare in this district. The plateau located in this region remains cool the whole year round. Nabarangpur district is also the home for some popular tourist locations.

Chandan Dhara

Jhorigam Block coming under the Nabarangpur district is where the Chandan Dhara is located. This is a natural waterfall and located 90 km away from dist HQ. There is also a natural Shiva Linga located at this place. For picnic and outing, this is a remarkable place. From dist HQ, you can avail regular buses for this place. The nearest railway station is Jeypore in Koraput district. From there also you can access this place by bus. You can even hire private taxis from Nabarangpur to reach Chandan Dhara.


From the dist HQ, the Papadahandi is located at distance of 12 km. this place is popular for its Shaiva Shrine as well as the Sahid Stamba. During Kartika Purnima, Shiva Ratri as well as Shravana Purnima like occasions, many devotees use to come here. From the dist HQ you can get bus services or hire private taxis to reach for Papadahandi.

The Sahid Smruti Stamba

It’s the River Tuni’s bank where The Sahid Smruti Stamba is located. It is also close to Papadahandi. On 24th Aug, 1942, nineteen freedom fighters have died at this place while fighting against the British Soldiers. It was the time when the Quite India Movement was in a full flow. Madhab Pradhani was the leader of those nineteen freedom fighters. To memorize those great freedom fighters and their sacrifices for the country, The Sahid Smruti Stamba was built over here. Each year on 24th Aug, the Sahid Divas is observed here. From the dist HQ, it is located at a distance of 12 km. from the dist HQ you can get bus or taxis to reach for The Sahid Smruti Stamba.

Maa Bhandargharani

It’s the Maa Bhandargharani who is also known as presiding deity at the Nabarangpur district. This goddess is believed as the preserver of wealth and also the protector of human lives. Due to this reason, she is also worshiped at the villages of this district. During the Tuesdays as well as Saturdays special prayers are offered here. Many devotees use to come here in order to get the blessing from the goddess. This is also one of the most ancient deity where worshiping is done while following the non-verdict rituals. The prime festival here is the Ghata Yatra. During the April month this festival is celebrated here with a great enthusiasm. This place also gets jam packed with the devotees during Sankranti time, Sharadiya Dashahara and Basanti Dashahara. This goddess is always admired as the protector of houses and the harbinger of happiness.

Hirli Dangar

At the Nabarangpur town, the Hirli Dangar is located right at Gandhinagar. This place is where the ancient statue of God Tirupati is located as well as worshiped. Close to this place, Kusumjhar reserve is located. This part of the district is famous for its amazing natural beauty and has developed as a prominent picnic spot over the time. There are parks and towers located on hill top. These are made by the dist administration. From the main town, all you need to cover two km in order to reach for Hirli Dangar.  You can even take auto rickshaw to reach for this place from the main town.

Deer Park, Nabarangpur

There is also a deer park located at the town of Nabarangpur. This deer park also attracts many people. There are watch towers constructed here from where you can get a good view of the deers moving here and there inside the park.