Mayurbhanja is the district located in Odisha and having the HQ at Baripada. As per the census of 2011, this was considered as the 3rd most populous district in Odisha after Ganjam at the first place and Cuttack and the second. The geographical area of this district is 10,418 sq km. it is located at the northern side of Odisha where it also forms the border for Odisha. At the north east side, Mayurbhanja is bounded by Midnapur district located in West Bengal. At the North West side, it is bounded by Singhbhum of Jharkhand, at the south west side Balasore bordering it and at the south west side Keonjhar is also bordering this district. As per the census of 2011, the total population of this district was 2,513,895. This district of Odisha is famous for some notable places that use to attract tourists a lot.

Similipal National Park

It’s the Similipal National Park which is also famous as a tiger reserve is located in Mayurbhanja district of Odisha. It is also a part to Similipal Kuldiah Hadgarh Elephant Reserve that is also known as Mayurbhanja Elephant Reserve. For this reserve, there are 3 protected areas added like Hadgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Similipal Tiger Reserve as well as Kuldiah Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s the name of this sanctuary was assigned after the semul or the red silk cotton trees that are present here in great numbers. This park is established on a protected area that covers 845.70 sq km. there are also some amazing waterfall located in this sanctuary such as Barehipani, and Joranda.

There are near about ninety-nine Royal Bengal Tigers as well as 432 Elephants used to live here. Apart from this the jungle of Similipal is also famous for the Indian Bison, orchidarium and chausingha. This sanctuary can be accessed from Pithabata via Baripada. It can also be accessed through Jashipur. It’s the Range Officer who will assign the entry pass. At the Pithabata check post, you need to pay the entry fees and enter the Similipal Sanctuary. During the day time, you can enter this place from morning 6 to noon 12 and you can take reservation from morning 6 to 9. It remains open from 1st Oct to 15th June. Since the year 2009, this reserve is also listed with the UNESCO World Network Biosphere Reserve.

Handibhanga Waterfall

It’s the Handibhanga waterfall that is located at the Bahalda village that comes under the Mayurbhanja district. From Baripada it is located at a distance of 16 km and from the Keonjhar it is located at a distance of 70 km. this waterfall is falling from 30m height and the most spectacular one in this district. This waterfall is located among the dense forest and the hilly region. It’s the scenic beauty of this waterfall that use to attract a lot of tourists every year.

Due to this reason, it is also considered as one of the best places for picnickers. During the peak time of picnic, many visitors prefer to come here in order to enjoy the waterfall’s natural beauty. There is another popular spot for picnic located close to the Handibhanga waterfall and known as Joda. When people come to Joda, they never miss the chance to pay a visit to this amazing waterfall. This waterfall can be accessed from Joda, Palaspanga, Baripada and Keonjhar easily. You can hire private vehicles to reach for this spot.

Joranda Waterfall

Right at the heart of Similipal National Park, the Joranda waterfall is located. Close to this waterfall, the Barehipani waterfall is also located. Joranda waterfall is the nineteenth highest fall in the country like India.


For the Similipal National Park, Lulung is often considered as one of the most important entry points. It is located at the eastern side of the national park. You can access this place from another entry point at Jashipur. It’s the River Palpala’s bank where Lulung is located. This river is equipped with a perennial flow of water. This river is also popular for its crystal clear water that uses to flow gently on the pebbles of different sizes. There is also dense forest you can see at both side of the river bed. Due to this reason, such place promotes a great picnic spot. It is also highly admired by the nature lovers. As Lulung is located at an elevation of 300m from the sea level, it often remains amazing. There are also hillocks which are located close to this place and generate a panoramic view for this place.

Jhinkeswar Temple

At Jhinkpada, Udala that comes under the Mayurbhanja district, Jhinkeswar Temple is located. This temple is located 45 km away from this place.

Devkund Waterfall

If you are searching for the most amazing location in Mayurbhanja district, then you should first move for the Devkund Water Fall. It comes under the Udala division that is associated with the Similipal Forest Range. This place can also be accessed via Udala or Nilgiri from the Panchalingeswar. From Lulung it is 90 km away, from Kuldiah it is 69 km away and from Balasore it is 87 km away. From the town of Balasore, you can find daily buses to Udala. From Udala, you can take jeeps to reach for Devkund Water Fall while covering a distance of 28 km. the last five km to this waterfall is pack with dense forest that surrounds the hill on which this fall is located. This waterfall is falling from a height of 50m and also forming a lake which is also known as Devkund.

Apart from this there are 4 other falls located here and they also form individual lakes. So, in total there are 5 waterfalls located here and they are together named as Pancha Kunda or Place of the Five Lakes. When you climb hundred steps above from Devkund, you can reach for the river’s source. Here, you can also find the Devi Ambika Mata Temple or Durga Temple. This temple was built by the Mayurbhanja kings during 1940 and pujas are still practiced here. At this place, you can also find the chirping sound of jungle birds. There are also multi colored butterflies you can find here. These are the special charms of Devkund.