Keonjhar district is located in Odisha and also called as Kendujhar. This is also known to be the fifth scheduled region in the Eastern Indian region. It’s the town of Keonjhar or Kendujhar or Kendujhargarh is where the dist HQ is located. This district is spreading over an area of 8240 sq km. at the east side Bhadrak, Balasore and Mayurbhanj districts are bordering it. On the south Jajpur, at the west Sundargarh and at the east side Dhenkanal and Angul districts are bordering it. Right to the north of this district, Singhbhum district of Jharkhand state is also located. This district is Odisha is known for its natural resources. It is highly rich with mineral resources. Here manganese, iron and chromium ores are deposited in vast quantity.

Near about thirty percent of the total land mass of this district is covered with dense forest. Despite the presence of mineral resources and forest, this district is still considered as an economically backward district in Odisha. In the mineral resources map of this country, Keonjhar has always managed to acquire a notable place. At most part of the district, the presence of iron ores is common. These ores are present from Jharkhand border to the border of Joda and Thakurani, manganese ore is traced in vast amount. Close to the village named as Nuasahi that comes under the Anandpur division, Boula area is located.

This place is famous for its deposits of mineral like Chromite. This district is also known for other mineral resources like Bauxite, limestone, quartzite, gold and pyrophylite. Barbil is where the Kalinga Iron Works is located. And at Joda the Ferro Manganese Plant is located. These are the two major mineral production industries located in this district. Apart from this, Keonjhar is popular for its tourist locations. There are a few notable temples and waterfalls located in this district that promote tourism on a high node.

Hadgarh Wildlife Sanctuary and Dam

Hadgarh is located in Keonjhar district and it is popular for the Hadgarh wild life sanctuary and the dam that is created on River Salandi. This wild life sanctuary is located on 191 sq km of area. It was first announced during the year 1978. It’s the Salandi River that uses to pass through this sanctuary. This is a tributary river for River Baitarani. There are some other streams located at this sanctuary like Mukta stream, Suranga stream, Andheri stream, Pitanau stream and Bentokholi stream. It’s the Hadgarh reservoir or the Hadgarh dam which is located on River Salandi is a remarkable place and perfect spot for picnic. It is also known as the most important wetlands located in this sanctuary. This reservoir has become a hot spot for some migratory birds and water birds.

The Hadgarh sanctuary is linked with the Similipal Tiger Reserve as well as Kuladiha wild life sanctuary. It’s the River Salandi that uses to flow between two mountains right here. Due to this reason, a dam is constructed on it right at this place. This dam has now become the prime tourist attractions. From the town of Keonjhar, this dam is located at a distance of 119 km. Hadgarh wild life sanctuary is the reserve forest for elephants and tiger. Throughout the year it remains as a great place for picnic. This place is also loaded with awesome scenic beauty.

Barbil, Hill Station Forest

In the district of Keonjhar, Barbil is a major town and also a municipality. It’s the region that surrounds this town is known as the fifth biggest region where iron deposits are traced. This area is also popular for the deposit of manganese. So, Barbil has become a major spot from revenue generation perspective and now catering both the state and central government in many ways. This place is located at a height of 477 meters above the sea level. The Barbil region is completely surrounded by hills. As a leading mining area, this part of the district welcomes everyone. There are many scenic hills and jungles that often attract visitors to explore Barbil.

This part of the district is also popular for its picnic spots, amazing waterfalls and scenic beauty. You can find all these charms at a very short distance from the town of Barbil. People use to come to this town from across India in order to find their bread and butter. Due to this reason, near about 50,000 people in this town are considered to be the outsiders who came from rest of India. Barbil as a town is popular for its industries. From steel plants to iron plants and from mines to the ore crushers; at this town and surrounding areas finding all these industries is a common thing.

Ghatagaon Tarini Temple

From the town of Keonjhar, the Ghatagaon Tarini temple is located at a distance of fifty km. it is located along the NH 215 that runs towards Cuttack. This is the most important Tarini Pitha in this state. This is also an important pilgrimage spot for the Tarini devotees. In order to get the accommodation facility here, you can move for the IB created by PWD department, Panthasala by Tourism dept or Tarini Yatri Niwas by Tarini Trust. Ghatagaon can be accessed from the state capital Bhubaneswar by bus as well. If you are traveling via train, then the closest rail station for Ghatagaon is located at Harichandanpur which is 17 km away from this spot.

This famous Tarini Pitha is also popular for its holistic feel and culture. Hindus use to come here in huge number in order to offer prayers to the Goddess. It’s been believed that offering coconuts to this Goddess can fulfill your wishes. Due to this reason, every day so many coconuts being send to this temple by bus or other transport means as the offerings. It is also close to some other notable tourist locations of the district like Sana Ghagra and Bada Ghagra. These are the two major waterfalls located in Keonjhar district, Odisha.

Sanghagra Waterfalls

If you really want to explore one of the most stunning waterfalls of Odisha, then you should move for Sanghagra. This is an amazing place and you will love to spend some time over here with friends or family. This is certainly a perennial waterfall that attracts thousands of visitors every year. This water fall is located on the River Machha Kandana. This is a small river but when it falls from a 30.5 meters of height it creates the Sanghagra. This place is often considered as a proper outing venue. The total area is spreading over 488 Ha.

This waterfall is located at a hilly region where you can also find dense forest. At this forest you can also explore many different types of trees and vegetation. It’s the Sanghagra waterfall that adds a unique beauty for this forest. This place is suitable to access throughout the year. It is located right at the side of NH. This waterfall is also located on the V shaped valley that is too narrow. The undulating terrain on which this waterfall is located also enhances its beauty. The pediments and hills over here are really steep. Here, you can also find the granite and doleritic rocks.

Badaghagara Waterfall

From the town of Keonjhar, the Badaghagara waterfall is located at a mere distance of 9 km. this waterfall is also located very close to Sanaghagara. You can say that Badaghagara is located at the upper hill region of Sanaghagara. The water that flows from Badaghagara also passes through the Sanaghagara. As this is a perennial water source, a dam is also constructed here. From Sanaghagara, this waterfall is located at a distance of three km. this water fall is popular for its unique charm. It’s just 50 feet high. It’s the River Mudala on which this water fall is located.

This place is situated right at the center of dense forest. During the winter time, it becomes a more favorable spot for picnic. Via Ghatagaon, you can also access this place from Keonjhar. In order to get the accommodation facility here, you can go to the IB of PWD or you can find it at the Tarini Yatri Niwas located at Ghatagaon. There is also a Panthasala constructed by the tourism dept here.

Thakurani hill

It’s the Champua subdivision coming under the district of Keonjhar is where the Thakurani hill is located close to a perennial stream. This part of the district is very famous for its Murga Mahadev temple. Here, you may not be able to find any accommodation facility. Murga Mahadev is also famous for the cascading waterfall. This waterfall creates a magical view and having a great impact on the locals as well as tourists coming here. From the town of Keonjhar it is located at a distance of 70 km. you can find regular bus services from Keonjhar up to Bileipada. As a tourist you may need to stay either at Joda which is 11 km away from this spot or you can stay at Keonjhar town if you want to access this place.


This part of the district is often considered as an important pilgrimage place. As the temple of Brahmeswar Mahadev is located here, every year many pilgrims use to come here. This temple is located right at the coast of River Baitarani. This place is also known for the wooded hills and series of valleys that creates a stunning view for the spot. This place is also considered as the origin place of River Baitarani. At a small distance from its place of origin, this river flows underground. Due to this reason, here it is also called as Gupta Ganga. After going through this phase, the river again shows off while falling from that stone projection where it appears as a nostril of the cow. Due to this reason, such spot is named as Gonasika where GO means GO Mata or the Cow and Nasika mean nostrils. This place is popular for its natural scenic beauty. You can find accommodation close to this place at the town of Keonjhar. From Keonjhar it is located at a distance of 33 km. you can travel by bus from the main town up to 24 km. then you need to take a walk or hire a vehicle to cover the next 9 km in order to reach for Gonasika.

Keonjhar hill

This is a quite place and a close hill side for the town of Keonjhar. If you are looking for calmness and charm, then this place is the right spot for you. At this place, you can find a proper blend of natural charms and peace. It’s the humming river that uses to flow by the side of this place can really make you feel mesmerized. The climate here remains cool almost year around. The forest that covers this area is the best place from some wild animals like bears. Despite the fact that it is located close to a mining town, this place has never shed off its natural beauty and factors.


Right on the Baitarani River, the Bhimkund reservoir is located. This water reservoir is known for its amazing beauty. This dam is located right on the boundary of two districts like Keonjhar as well as Mayurbhanj. From the town of Keonjhar, it is located at a distance of hundred km. this is a two storied water reservoir and this structure is made there as there are two different waterfalls are located here over one another. As per the mythological beliefs, it’s been mentioned that Bhima the second son among the Pandavas has taken a bath here. After this such place was named in this fashion. During the Makara Sankranti, people use to come here in order to take the holy dip in this water. This is also an ideal place for picnic.


From the dist HQ, this place is located at a distance of thirty km. right at the side of River Sita, this amazing spot is located. This place is popular for the ancient Fresco paintings that are carved on the rock shelter which is also known as Ravan Chhaya. This rock shelter looks like a half-opened umbrella.