Kandhamal district is located in Odisha state, India. The headquarters for this district are located at Phulbani. It’s the Kandhamal district that was announced on first Jan 1994. Before, it was known as Boudh- Kandhamal district or Phulbani district. It’s the city of Phulbani which is located at the heart of the district. There are some other popular locations in this district like Tikabali, Baliguda, Raikia and G Udaygiri. It’s the territory of Kandhamal district which is considered to be the rural one. However, this rural area is loaded with waterfalls, springs, lush green forest and several historical antiquities. A major part of this district is covered with forest and only twelve percent of the land area is cultivable.

As per the report of Human Development Index, Kandhamal was declared as the poorest district in this state. The connectivity of this district with rest of Odisha is also poor. As per the census of 2011, the total population of this district was 731,952. Most of the inhabitants belong to the Kandha tribe. This tribe is said to be very aggressive and proud. These people hold 77% of the land that is cultivable. Here, the main language is Kui and Oriya is also spoken and understood by people in this district. Kui is the prime language of Kandhas. There are some notable tourist spots located in this district among which Daring Badi is the prime. This place is also called as the Kashmir of Odisha, as during the winter, snow uses to fall here.

Daring Badi, Kashmir of Orissa

It’s the highland area of Daringbadi where this amazing place is located. It is called as the Kashmir of Odisha. This place is located at a height of 915m above the sea level. This is the single most location in this state where you can experience the snow fall during the winter time. During this time, the temperature can go several degrees below the frozen point. From the state capital Bhubaneswar, this place is located at a distance of 215 km. for Daring Badi; you can get regular bus services from the state capital. It’s the closest railway station for Daring Badi is located at Berhempur which is 120 km away.

There are three prime routes through which you can access Daring Badi from Berhempur while travelling by road. This part of the world attracts most number of visitors due to its scenic beauty. As this place is located at the area dominated by the tribal people in the Kandhamal district, here you can also have a chance to explore more things about these people and their living style. Exploring the tribal culture, their traditions, arts and beauty are the few things that you shouldn’t miss once you are in Daring Badi. There are many green valleys and the snow fall during the winter time on these valleys generates a soothing sight for the tourists.

Once the night falls, the dew starts to become ice. This place is also popular for its dense forests and the wild animals that use to live there. Daring Badi is the place that not only attracts tourists during the winter time to experience the snow fall, but also it has become a very favorable place for people to spend their summer time here. There are some other attractions located here like the Doluri River, Badangia waterfall, Putudi waterfall, Kirikuti picnic spot, Dasingbadi waterfall and the Herbal Garden picnic spot.

Kotagarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Baliguda forest division is the home for Kotagarh wildlife sanctuary. This sanctuary is also protected by the wildlife act of 1972. Due to this reason, it has now become a protected wildlife area. This has also promoted the research programs and the developments works here. This wildlife sanctuary is spreading over an area of 399.5 sq km. this is spreading over a huge part of Tumudibandh and Kotagarh range that comes under the Kotagarh as well as Daring Badi block of Baliguda which is a civil sub division for the Kandhamal district. This sanctuary is also bordered by the Baliguda range forest at the north side, Belghar forest range at the west side, Durgapanga and Srirampur at the south side and Simanhbadi forest range at the east side. This sanctuary is also constituted on a forest area of 26950.96 hectares.

Belghar, Nature and Forest Attraction

It’s the Belghar in Kandhamal district that is gifted by so many things. The Mother Nature has blessed this part of the district in a very generous manner. This place is equipped with ample scenic sights. The rolling hills of this area remain green throughout the year. This part of the world is inhabited by the tribal people called as Kuntia Kondha. These people use to follow their old tradition to collect food from the jungle. These tribal people are very hospitable and friendly. When you are in Belghar, the wildlife here can really mesmerize you. Especially the elephant population is quite high here.

This place is a hamlet that is located 2555 feet above sea surface. This makes this place a very popular spot for adventurous activities like trekking at the nearby hills. There is also Kotagarh Sanctuary located close to it. Belghar is a great place for those who seriously want to enjoy the unspoiled wild environment. From Phulbani, it is located at a distance of 165 km and from Baliguda it is located at a distance of 70 km. Belghar is well connected by the roads. Here, you can also find the forest guest house and the tourist bungalow where they offer the accommodation facility. This part of the district is also popular for the cane works.

Putudi waterfall

From the town of Phulbani, the Putudi waterfall is located at the distance of just 15 km. This water fall is quite popular across Odisha. The water from the Putudi waterfall merges into the River Bada Saluki. It is also surrounded by dense forest that promotes a great place for picnic.


Chakapad is the abode of the Lord Birupakshya and located right at the bank of River Burtunga. This often generates the most panoramic view for the place. This is also an important Saivaism place. At the Birupakshya, Lord Shiva is worshiped. The same Hindu lord is also worshiped at Anandeswar as well as Jageswara. There are three unique temples located at these three places. The Shiva Linga is located inside the temples and these are surrounded by the trees. The Shiva Linga here is leaning towards the south corner. This is the most striking thing you can see here. The prime festivals of this place are Shiva Ratri, Rasha Purnima and Sitala Shasthi. From Tikabali and Phulbani, you can get regular bus services to Chakapad. From the town of Phulbani it is located at a distance of 55 km.


This is an amazing place located in the Kandhamal district of Odisha. This place is famous for the Barala Devi. This goddess is believed as the savior of this world. There are many occasions during when people use to worship and visit this goddess. Among all these occasions, Dusehera is the prime one. Here, the Dusehera puja is organized in a great fashion every year. Close to this spot, the Pillasalunki Dam is located at a distance of three km. this is a great picnic spot and here you can unwind yourself and get relaxed. From Phulbani, Balaskumpa is located at a distance of 15 km.