It’s the district of Kalahandi in Odisha that is bordered Balangir and Nuapada at the north, Nabrangpur, Raygada and Koraput at the south, as well as Boudh, Raygada and Kandhamal at the east. This district is spreading over an area of 8, 364, 89 sq km. the area periphery of this district also makes it the seventh largest district of Odisha. Bhawanipatna is the dist headquarters. This town is located right at the center of the Kalahandi district. There are two sub division of Kalahandi such as Dharamgarh and Bhawanipatna. There are some other major towns located in this district like Junagarh, Lanjigarh, Jaipatna, Mukhiguda and Kesinga.

It’s the Tel River which is the prime river in this district. There are some other rivers also use to share this district like Hati, Uttei, Indravati, Mudra and Rahul. This district comprises of plain lands, mountain regions and hills. However, this district is surrounded by the hills and this generates a great look for the entire area. Kesinga is the nearest rail stop to Kalahandi which is 45 km away from the main town. Kalahandi is also well connected by the road routes from other major cities in the state. You can find bus services from Berhempur, Koraput and Bhubaneswar to Kalahandi. There are some notable spots located here that you will surely not want to miss during your tour to this district of Odisha.

Indravati Power Plant

It’s the River Indravati that uses to pass through this district and this is the tributary river for Godavari River. It’s the Indravati Power Plant that is located in Mukhiguda which has managed to draw so many attentions towards this district. This city is located 87 km away from Bhawanipatna. The power plant located here is also the largest one in India and the 2nd largest on in Asia continent. This power plant uses to generate 600 megawatt of electricity and it took almost fifteen years to complete the work for this project. The Indravati River originates from the Dandakaranya Ghats and then it enters into the Kalahandi district at the Thuamula and Mardiguda block.

After this the river uses to take the west side diversion and enters into the Jagdalpur district of Chattisgarh state, India. There are total 5 hydro power plants constructed on this river. The River Indravati is also called as the lifeline for Kalahandi district. When it crosses Kalahandi, the river uses to remain at an elevation of 2,999 feet. It’s the Eastern Ghat’s western slopes where this river uses to cross this district. It flows to the west and then crosses the Koraput and Nabrangpur like districts of Odisha. Here, it creates the boundary among Odisha and Chattisgarh like states.

Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary

It’s the Karlapat wildlife sanctuary which is located in the district of Kalahandi uses to attract so many visitors every year. This has become a very admirable tourist location in Odisha. From the town of Bahwanipatna, this wild life sanctuary is located at a distance of 15 km. it spreads over an area of 175 sq km. this sanctuary is located along Eastern Highlands and the deciduous forest uses to cover this place throughout the year. This wild life sanctuary is the home for several plant species and different wild animals like mouse deer, deer, sambar, nilgai, leopard, tiger, and barking deer. Some bird species found here are considered as the rare ones and among them green munia and great-earednightraj are the prime ones. This forest is also the home for a wide range of reptiles.

Amapani Hills

From the town of Bhawanipatna, the Amapani Hills are located at a distance of 77 km. this is a picturesque hill range and often generate the most panoramic view for the visitors. The Mother Nature has gifted so many things to this part of the world. This is also the home for several other tourist attractions of Kalahandi district like Belkhandi, Manikeswari, Phulijharan, and Dokarichanchara. However, the Amapani Hills are really very popular for the frolicking valley that is known as Haladigundi. It’s the thishill range where the sun rays use to reflect and creates a mesmerizing view for the entire valley. During the evening and morning time, the objects view you get will remain yellow. This area is where the spotted deer, black panthers and sambar like wild animals have managed to flourish. Close to this is the Behera reservoir. Just at a distance of 5 km from Gudahandi, you can see the historical cave paintings as well.

Belkhandi Temple

This temple is located at the confluence point of river like Uttei and Tel. these are the two tributary rivers for Mahanadi. The Belkhandi Temple is considered as a religious place and also important from archeological perspective. Beside this temple, the ruins from 12th century are still located. These ruined monuments are excavated from this place only a few years back. Belkhandi Temple is also famous for the image of Sapta Matruka as well as Uma Maheswari. There is also a small museum created adjacent to the Belkhandi Temple where the ruins of this temple are preserved. This place is great for outing. From Bhawanipatna, it is located at a distance of 67 km.


This one is a very popular deity of Hindus in Odisha. There are also some Manikeswari temples located at the south and west side of Odisha. However, the Manikeswari temple located in Bhawanipatna is a well recognized one in this state. This deity is also having relation with the Paralakhemundi’s royal family. At this temple the most important festival is Chhatar Jatra.


This place is located at a distance of 15 km from Bhawanipatna. This is a perennial waterfall that uses to fall from a height of 30 feet. This waterfall is having own unique charm. When the sun rays use to fall on this waterfall, the rainbow uses to appear. This is the time when such waterfall looks more amazing. It is also surrounded by green forest. It is a great place to have group picnic.


This is one of the most prominent picnic and tourist spots in Kalahandi district. This picnic spot is located at the village named as Kokasara. Right on the border of Nabrangpur and Kalahandi district this spot is located. It is a unique place and often attracts the picnickers to spend time here. There are 2 waterfalls that make Dokarichanchara more special. Dokaridara as well as Bhanyaraghumara are the two waterfalls that add more amazing factors for this place. It’s the Gudahandi cave that is also closely located to this place. Here, you can also find the most famous temple of Lord Rama. This is an ancient temple. On Sri Ram Navami, this temple uses to become a hot spot. This festival uses to continue for nine days. It’s the Dokaridara fall that uses to fall from 200 ft height. This place is surrounded by the stoned hills. Here, Maa Dokari Devi is worshiped since a long time now. The next stream is located two km away from this fall and that use to fall from a height of 150 ft. from there you can also get a good view of the Rani Pahad and Yogi Pahad as well.