Jharsuguda is the district located in Odisha and having its headquarters at the Jharsuguda town. During the World War Two, this district used to having an airport. This part of Odisha is rich with coal as well as other mineral reserves. Due to this reason, several medium and small scale industries have managed to pop up here over the time. The richness of this district is different mining products has helped these industries to grow and flourish at a great pace. There are three different urban agglomerations announced for this district like Brajarajnagar, Jharsuguda municipality and Belpahar municipality. There are also five blocks of this district like Jharsuguda, Kirmira, Laikera, Kolabira and Lakhanpur.

As per the census of 2011, the population of this district was 579,499. Jharsuguda town is also the administrative headquarters for Jharsuguda district. This has become a good industrial hub with time. The cement and metal sectors have thrived here with a great potential. This district is well connected with the other major cities in Odisha by rail and road lines. This district is also known as the Power House of Orissa as there are several big thermal power plants located here. This part of the world is also popular for its tourist locations.

Koilighugar Waterfall

This waterfall is 200 feet high and located at Lakhanpur. It is also close to the village named as Kushmelbahal. The rivulet associated with this waterfall is named as Ahiraj that is originate right from the forest of Chhuikhanch. Once the fall is complete, the rivulet starts to flow towards the west and merges into River Mahanadi. This is an amazing spot and known for its picturesque location. Inside that water fall, there is also a Shiva Linga located which is called as Maheswarnath. This linga used to stay in a submerged condition under the water. And you may not see it so easily. In order to benefit the pilgrim coming here due to such reason, another linga was built just outside of the Koilighugar Waterfall. During the Shiva Ratri, an annual fair is also hosted right at this spot.


The Bikramkhol is popular for its cave. It has become a favorite tourist spot now. This is located right on the highway of Jharsuguda and Lakhanpur. From the town of Jharsuguda, this place is located at distance of 25 km. this cave is popular for its pictographic inscriptions that date back to the 1500 BC. Historians have offered these inscriptions a great importance for a long time now. The replica of these inscriptions can also be found at the Odisha State Museum located at the state capital Bhubaneswar.

Jhadeswar Temple

The Jhadeswar Temple is considered as one of the prime holistic place in this district. From Jharsuguda rail station, it is located at a distance of one km. it is located just beyond that old town of Purunabasti and there is also a small forest. This place is popular for the Shiva Linga that has appeared by itself. No one has built it. During the time of Govinda Singh Jamindar, this linga was worshiped in a hut that was made of leaves. During 1916, a contractor from Gujarat took initiative and made a small temple right here. His name was Mulju Jagmal. It was the Jamindar of Jharsuguda who arranged the priests so that daily prayers can be offered here. He also donated the agricultural land in order to maintain the temple as well as the worship at this temple.

Chandi Mandir

From Jharsuguda town, the Chandi Mandir is located at a distance of 30 km. this temple is dedicated to Goddess Chandi. There is a Chandapitha located here right inside the natural cave. In order to access this temple, you need to get down while using the steel stairs. Once you reach that temple, from there you can have the most stunning views of the surroundings. The River IB is also flowing just at the side of this temple. Due to this reason, it has also evolved as a solid spot for picnic.

Pahadi Mandir

From the railway station of Jharsuguda, the Pahadi Mandir is located at the distance of just three km. This temple is located on the hill top. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. From the hill top, you can get an amazing view of Jharsuguda town.