At the eastern coast of the country India, the district of Jagatsinghpur is located under the state Odisha. It’s the town of Jagatsinghpur which is also the headquarters of this district. This district is also considered as the smallest one in this state and spreading over an area of 1759 km sq. in this district the male and female literacy rate is 88.5% and 68.5% respectively. Due to this reason, the literacy rate of this district has always remained good as far as national average is concerned. It is also declared as a developed district of Odisha.

The history of this district is depicted by different religious people like Hindus, Muslims, British and Marathas. It’s Maratha administration that has kept this district under the control during 1748 while making Jagat Singh the prime of this place in order to collect revenue. This district is located at an elevation of 49 feet. The district of Jagatsinghpur is surrounded by Kendrapara at the north, Puri at the south, Cuttack and the west and Bay of Bengal at the east side. Here, you can always find a temperate climate. The summer is quite hot and the winter time it remains cold out there. There are four prime rivers of Odisha that use to pass through this district while supplying the water for irrigation. These rivers are Kathajodi, Mahanadi, Biluakhai and Devi. This district becomes more prone to cyclonic rainfall once the monsoon arrives. The severe cyclone during the year 1999 has done maximum damage to this district.

It’s the economy of Jagatsinghpur district that primarily depends on the agriculture. The prime crops that are cultivated in this district are sugarcane, paddy, cotton, turmeric, and jute. There are also other industries like fishery, manufacturing, processing and repairing that have evolved in this district and contributing their part for the economy of this place. As far as the industrialization is concerned, the district of Jagatsinghpur is declared as the leading district in the state from this perspective. It is also the home for some notable tourist locations.

Paradeep Sea Beach

It’s the importance of Paradeep beach in the state cannot be ignored. This port has played a very major role in the economical development of the state. Apart from a port location, this place has also managed to emerge as one of the most prominent tourist locations in Odisha. The Paradeep port is also considered as a vital trading port in a country like India. Paradeep as a place, is nothing but an estuary created by the River Mahanadi. Here, you can also find the most popular Paradeep beach that attracts many visitors every year. For the marine lovers, Paradeep beach is often considered as heaven. This beach remains surrounded by forest, islands and creeks.

The setting of this beach makes it a more popular and admired one. It’s the Paradeep port which was built during the year 1960. Now this port has become a solid business location as it has started to receive so many direct foreign investments. This is also the port town for Jagatsinghpur district. It has really managed to attract foreign investors a lot. There is also a petrochemical refinery complex located at this place. It’s the Indian Railway that has started the Paradeep to Haridaspur railway road. There is also a plan to build the all green road from the state capital Bhubaneswar to Paradeep. From Cuttack, this place is located at a distance of 94 km and from Bhubaneswar it is 129 km away.

Kunja Behari

This place is popular for the deity of Kunja Behari and Garh Kujanga which is all called as the Subhadra Kshetra. Close to the temple of Kunja Behari, Raghunath Jew Matha is also located. This adds a different attraction for the place. There is also accommodation facility for the tourists available here at the Forest Guest House, RD Bungalow, and Kujanga. Medical facilities can be availed at the nearest medical of Kujanga.

Lord Raghunath Jew

It’s the village named as Mahilo, the temple of Lord Raghunath Jew is located. This temple is located under a typical rural environment. Here, you can also find the complex of Lord Chandrasekhar that is 30 years old. This place is popular as Lord Chandrasekhar and Lord Raghunath both are located within that single compound. Due to the effects of time, an old temple that belongs to Lord Chandrasekhar was destroyed. However, the new temple was built on the same place. Along with that several other temples are also located in this village of Mahilo. Now in the Jagatsinghpur district, this has become a more popular place. Here, tourists can stay at the hotels or lodges. These hotels and lodges are available at the district headquarters of Jagatsinghpur.

Sarala Temple

In this district, you can also find the Sarala temple where Hindus use to worship the goddess Sarala. This temple is also a prominent place for both Vaishnivism as well as Shaivaism. The use to Tulasi leaves and Bella leaves is common for the Hindus during their prayers here. This deity is also considered as a controversial one. Some use to say that such deity is the symbol of Buddhist tantra culture. It is also said that Huen T Sang the famous traveler from China visited Orissa and he took a boat from Tirtol to travel Sri Lanka. Tirtol was then known as Chilitolo. This temple is also the hosting venue for several festivals. Among all these festivals, Pana Sankranti, Parbana, Chandan Jatra and Dolo Purnima are the prime ones.