The district of Ganjam is located in state of Odisha, India. The location of this district is what making the environment of this place more diversified one. On the east side the Bay of Bengal is there and on the south Andhra Pradesh. The total area of this district is 8,070 km sq. in order to connect this district with Puri; the New Jagannath Sadak is constructed. Chatrapur is where the headquarters of this district are located. There are also 3 sub divisions announced for this district such as Chatrapur, Bhanjanagar and Berhempur. During the year 1908, Ganjam was also declared as the Madras Presidency when Brahmins have become numerous. As per the census of 2011, this district used to have the population of 3,520,150. This has made the district the 1st populous district is the state. There are many tourist locations located at this place that can really draw your attention to explore them when you are in Odisha. As this district can be accessed from the state capital Bhubaneswar easily, tourists coming to Odisha don’t want to miss the chance for exploring Ganjam.

Taptapani, Hot Water Spring

If you are looking for something different in Odisha, then Taptapani is the right place for you. This place is famous for the hot water spring. This water use to come out from the core of the earth and having sulphur like substance. Tapta mean hot and Pani, means the water. Due to this reason, such name was assigned for this place. This is a natural spring where the hot sulphuric water uses to come out. This water is believed to be loaded with the medicinal properties. You can even take a bath in this water, as there is a man made pond created close to that hot spring.

At the east part of Eastern Ghats, this spring is located. It’s the lush green jungle that surrounds this hot spring and having a lot of fauna and flora. The next best attraction at this spot is the tribal community that use to live here. It is also famous for the Eastern Ghat’s amazing landscape. It’s the forest department here that has also created and maintained a good park. From the Berhempur town, this hot spring is located at a distance of 50 km. it is also the nearest railway stop for Taptapani. In order to find your accommodation, you can try at the Panthanivas created close to Taptapani. There are two AC suits here along with the common balcony and spacious bedroom. There is also a swimming pool created where you can find the warm water that is diverted from the Taptapani’s hot-water spring.

From these cottages, you can find a great view of the lush green forest and the valley. Spending some time there during your leisure can make you day for sure. It’s the dining hall that appears to be placed at the meeting point of the two mountain folds. Simply by walking from here, one can reach for the Kandimata Mandir. Before worshiping here, the locals use to take bath in that hot water spring. The forest department has also announced a deer park here.

Lakhari Wildlife Sanctuary

Lakhari is the wild life sanctuary that is located at the district of Ganjam. This sanctuary is spreading over an area of 118 km sq. it is located right on the Lakhari valley which is a part of the Eastern Ghats mountain range. This sanctuary is also famous for several plant species like Sal forest as well as mixed-deciduous forest. It’s the Eastern Highlands where you can find the moist eco-region and this is the place where Lakhari is located. However, the villagers living close to the sanctuary’s gate have often reported that there is hardly any wildlife they have seen at the Chandragiri range.

Contrary to this statement, reports suggest that tigers use to live in this jungle. Even tigers were spotted outside the Lakhari sanctuary in the past. Villagers of the Rangamatia have also reported the same thing. This type of claim was reaffirmed by the local forest department here. They have also reported that the big cats are living and thriving here. Again at the Mohana block, the forest department has also found the foot marks of the big cat. This is a big reason, why Lakhari as a wild life sanctuary has started to draw attention of many tourists.

Sorada Ghai

Sorada Ghai is located in Ganjam district and it comes under the Bhanjanagar subdivision of the district. From Berhempur town, this place is located at a distance of 80 km. there is a reservoir made at this place from where the water is supplied. This place is also surrounded by the uncommon scenic beauty. Due to this reason, Sorada Ghai has managed to become popular as a more prominent picnic spot in this district and across Odisha. The water at this reservoir is channelized to the River Rushikulya and then it is used for the irrigation purpose. When you are looking for a proper outing place, Sorada Ghai appears as the best choice. The closest airport to Sorada Ghai is located at Bhubaneswar and at a distance of 180 km. the closest railway stop is located at Berhempur at a distance of 16 km from this place. Picnic parties coming here love to take photos at this place. Here you can spend a whole day while enjoying with your friends and family.

Budhakhol, Buddhist Culture and Heritage

Budhakhol in the district of Ganjam is considered as one of the most famous tourist location. This is one of the most important places from Buddhism tourism perspective. It also holds many things related to the state’s rich culture and heritage. The scenic beauty of this place also makes it’s a more prominent place for the visitors. There is also a waterfall located here where the water use to come down through the roots of a tree. Taking a bath here can make you feel very refreshed. The name of this place is derived from Budhi Khalo and that means the meeting place of the old caves.

It’s long been said that such name for this place was kept after Badhesvara and that means Buddha in a meditation posture. This place is the home for both Shaivaism and Buddhism. So, here you can find both Shaiva temples and Buddhist images. This place is located under the Buguda block, Ganjam district, Odisha. This place is always considered as the prime symbol of Buddhist culture. There are trees, lush green forests, caves as well as temples located at this place. All these things together are making Budhakhol one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Ganjam district.

Gopalpur Sea Beach

When you are talking about Ganjam district that is bordered by the Bay of Bengal at east how we can miss the sea beaches. It’s the Gopalpur Sea Beach that is the most famous beach in Odisha. It is located at a distance of 16 km from the town of Berhempur and can be well accessed by road. This beach is popular for its calmness, coconut trees and palm trees. There is also a light house located here. You can climb to the top of that light house and can have a mesmerizing view of Gopalpur and the Bay of Bengal. Here, you can also find the casuarinas plantation on the sand dunes that divide the beach from the Bay of Bengal. This setting creates a proper place for the visitors where they can find calmness and serenity both at one go.

The golden sand of the Gopalpur Sea Beach is what making this beach more prominent. This also makes it a more popular beach in India. It’s the beach in Odisha that attracts more number of foreign tourists after Puri. This has now become a more prominent holiday location for the visitors. If you want to take a bath in the sea water, then always take help of the Nolias or the local fishermen. It is also the home for Gopalpur Sea Port where the trading activities are still in the flow. Gopalpur is also popular for the beach festival and aqua sports.

Tara Tarini

It’s the OTDC or the Orissa Tourism Development Corporation has already come up with some of the best packages for the tourists in order to promote tourism at Tara Tarini located under Ganjam district. This is a holistic place and people from across Odisha and India use to come here for offering their prayers. This is a hill shrine and known for its amazing beauty and the Tara Tarini temple here. Sankranti is the most favorable time when you can see many devotees coming to this place. There are also some scenic spots located around this hill shrine. Once you come here, you must visit these spots. There is a ghat road to the hill top. In order to make it more convenient, the some steep slopes are also reduced so that tourists can find easy driving on those slopes.


This one is considered as the first temple located on the mountain. Well, there are stairs to climb and reach for this temple. Once you reach the top, you need to access this temple while going through a small cave. This may take one hour or so to reach for the Mahurikalua temple that is located on the hill top. Well, there is another temple located at the foot hill and this temple can be traced right before the parking space. The Goddess worshiped here is locally well known. When you come down the hill, you can see the long trees and dense forest. Due to this reason, this spot is mostly used as the picnic spot by many. From the town of Berhempur, it is located at a distance of 15 km.


This place is popular for the Goddess named as Bagh Devi. This is also the birth place for Kabi Samrat Upendra Bhanja who was a great Oriya poet. Right at the North West side of Ganjam district, this place is located. There is a ruined fort, and River Mahanadi at the east side and the dense forest is located at the west side of this spot. This spot is located at a distance of 88 km from the town of Berhempur and from Bhanjanagar; it is just 8 km away. Berhempur is also the closest railway station for this spot.


When we are talking about the beaches in Ganjam, Aryapalli is the name that you cannot just miss! This is a great beach and located at a distance of 30 km and 6 km from Berhempur and Chatrapur respectively. This beach is popular for its golden sand dunes, salubrious weather and the deep blue sea. This has now become a very important tourist place in the district of Ganjam. This beach can be accessed throughout the year.

Maa Bhairavi Temple

At a remote village named as Mantridi, which is also close to Berhempur, the Maa Bhairavi Temple is located. This temple is dedicated to the Goddess named as Bhairavi. This deity is an iconic one as it has one leg as well as four hands. This image is craved in a crude fashion. This image was once found under the soil during ploughing. And it was assigned for a newly built temple during the year 1937. As per the legends, fishermen as well as sailors used to take blessing of this goddess before they start the journey. Due to this reason, such place has managed to evolve as a strong Shakti Pitha as well. Tuesdays and the Sankrantis are the most important days for this temple.