The district of Gajapati is located in Odisha, India. This district was once there with Ganjam. During Oct, 1992, this was announced as a separate district of Odisha and named after the Maharaja Sri Krushna Chandra Gajapati Narayan Deb. He was the king of Paralakhemundi estate. He is also the 1st chief minister of this state. He played a major role for forming a separate state and also contributed a lot to add Paralakhemundi with Odisha. Gajapati’s district headquarters are located at Paralakhemundi which was previously used as a princely state.

This district is also the part of Red Corridor. As per the census of 2011, this district was announced as the 3rd least populous place in the state of Odisha. Gajapati’s largest town is Paralakhemundi and the 2nd largest town of this district is Kashinagar. Ministry of Panchayat Raj has announced it as a backward district during 2006 and since then this district is receiving the BRGF funds. As per the census of 2011, the population of Gajapati was 575,880. There are some prime tourist attractions located at this district that one should visit when in Odisha.

Mahendra Giri, Natural Mountain

This is not just a religious place. Over the time, it has managed to develop as a prime tourist hub in the eastern part of Odisha. Originally, Mahendra Giri is the mountain peak and it is also a part to the Eastern Ghats. It is located at 4,976 feet above sea level. From the main town of Paralakhemundi, the peak of Mahendra Giri is located at a distance of 56 km. in order to access this place by train you need to reach at the nearest railway stop at Palasa which is in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This railway station is 30 km away from such spot.

Mahendra Giri as a part of the Eastern Ghats is backed up by several mythological beliefs. These stories are taken from the Puranas. It’s been believed that here Lord Parshuram meditated and stayed for a long time in order to get the power from Lord Shiva. After this meditation, Lord Shiva has offered him the Parsu or the double axle. Apart from this, during the Dwapar Yug, Pandavas along with Mother Kunti stayed here during the twelve years of Banavas. During that time, Bheema also worshiped the Lord Shiva. Now, this holistic and sacred place has become popular for the temples of Parshuram and Lord Shiva. The temple of Parshuram is located at the foot hill near to the village of Tumba.

The Kunti, Bheema and Judhistir temples are located right at hill top. At the temple of Kunti, you can see the Gokarneswar Linga. This linga is very significant and amazing as when the water is poured on it, it uses to disappear every time. At Mahendra Giri, the prime festival is Maha Shiva Ratri. During this time, you can see thousands of devotees use to come here in order to worship the lord and to admire the natural beauty of this place. District Magistrate use to take care of all the activities during this festive time.

Chandragiri Hill Station Green Forest

This one is the next best attraction of Gajapati district. From the town of Paralakhemundi, this place is located at a distance of 30 km. and from R Udaygiri; it is located 15 km away. This place is nestled under an amazing setting. Chandragiri is surrounded by dense and green forest most time of the year. This has also become the place for the cultivation of mango, guava, orange, and pineapple. There is also several Govt. horticulture farms developed here with time. This is also the home for several cultural activities.

During these cultural festivals, the Chandragiri uses to become a more prominent and amazing place. The seasonal fruits cultivated here have really added more popularity for this place. It is also the place where different dog breeds are generated. It is also famous for the making or carpet and garments. Here, you can also find the health resort. Chandragiri is the place where the Tibetan refugees have fond their shelter for a long time now.

This place can be called as the virgin and the most diversified one. For the first time, the Tibetan refugees have arrived here during 1960. This place is surrounded by stupendous scenic beauty and amazing landscapes. This has offered the Tibetan refugees the best place to find their shelter. The gurgling rivers, tropical forest and the amazing mountain slopes make this place a great place for picnic and relaxation. Deep thinkers love to be at this place. This place has really become more colorful and vibrant due to the presence of Tibetan refugees.

Brundavan Palace

It is also known as the Brundaban Palace. This palace was once built by the kind of Paralakhemundi in order to spend time during the summer. This palace is located right at the side of River Mahendratanaya. It is also surrounded by teak trees. This is a three storied palace and also having an underground floor. This underground connection is connected with the King’s main palace located at Paralakhemundi. The art work done for this palace is often worth seeing! Now the Dept. or Tourism has taken control of this palace. There is also an orchard located close to this palace. During the winter time, this palace becomes a more favorable place for picnic. People from the nearby town of Paralakhemundi and from other parts of Odisha uses to come here in order to admire its art work and the surrounding scenic beauty.

Gandahati Waterfall

From the main town Paralakhemundi, the Gandahati Waterfall is located at a distance of 30 km. the glittering waterfall located here has made this place more popular among the visitors. This waterfall is surrounded by dense and green forest that supplies the best shelter for wild animals such as elephants. These elephants use to arrive at the Gandahati Waterfall from the other side of the hill. Here they use to bath, play and drink water. There is also an amazing Hindu temple located close to the Gandahati Waterfall. You can reach for this temple both by train and road. The closest railway station to Gandahati Waterfall is located at Palasa at a distance of 44 km. trains going to Howrah from the southern part of India, use to stop at Palasa.