At the east corner of India, the district of Cuttack is located under the Odisha state. The administrative headquarters of this district are located at the Cuttack city. As per the census of 2011, the population of this district was 2,624,470. And this made the district the 2nd most populous district in Odisha. The first place in this list was acquired by Ganjam district, Odisha. This district is spreading on a land mass of 3932 km sq. it has 15 revenue blocks as well as 15 Tahsils. For a long time now, Cuttack is considered as the commercial or business capital of Odisha.

Cuttack district is also known for its highest GDP rate among all other district located in this state. It’s the large business house as well as different industries that have popped up at this part of the world have assigned such designation for the district. From steel to ferrous alloys and from agriculture to logistics as well as traditional industries; Cuttack district has become the home for all such industries. Apart from this such district is also known for the handicrafts and textiles industries. It is also the place for several trading houses that have become popular both internationally and nationally. It’s the Paradip Port that is located at a distance of 85 km from the town of Cuttack and this port has really played a major role to help this district evolve as the business capital in Odisha. Cuttack is also popular for its tourist attractions.

Dhabaleshwar Temple

As one of the most prominent tourist spots in Cuttack district, the Dhabaleshwar temple has always attracted many visitors every year to explore its fauna. The location of this temple is what also adding more amazing factors for the place. It is located right along the bank of River Mahanadi. From the main town of Cuttack, this temple is located at a distance of 37 km. this temple is dedicated to the Lord Shiva. This shrine remains surrounded by green environ throughout the year. This is what also lifting the spirit for such shrine.

For the pilgrims, it is often considered as a morally-superior plane. This temple is located on the hill top of a small mountain. This small mountain is located on an island right at River Mahanadi. For the visitors, the sightseeing at Dhabaleshwar temple often generates a great experience. This temple is also equipped with amazing stone carving works that were once made during the 10th as well as 11th century. This temple is known for the serene ambience that attracts most visitors. This type of ambience also attracts the devotees and once they come here they use to find a great spiritual feeling. The antiquity of such place is clearly based on its serene ambience. And this is what also making such place a great tourist spot in Odisha.


This place is Cuttack is important due to its historical backgrounds. And now this place has evolved as the industrial center in the Cuttack district. The OTELP or known as Odisha Trial Empowerment & Livelihood Program has managed to make this place the prime industrial hub in this district. Choudwar was once used as the capital by the Somakali Keshari Kings. It was the Keshari dynasty that has constructed eight different Siva Pithas at this place. Finding your accommodation in Choudwar is not a big deal. It’s the SCB Medical Center in Cuttack which is located close to this small town. Naraj Barrage is also located close to the town. Choudwar is also popular for its fish market. Here you can find fresh fishes that are caught from River Mahanadi and Kathajodi.

Charchika temple

Banki is located at the right side of Mahanadi River. Here the Charchika temple is located. It is considered as one of the most prominent Shakti Shrines located in the state. From Cuttack town you can easily get the bus services to Banki which is located at a mere distance of 52 km. here, you can also find the accommodation facility at PWD IV, Banki. Otherwise, you can take your accommodation at Cuttack town and move for this place. If you want to arrive here by train, then you should arrive at the Cuttack railway station and from there you can hire taxi or can go by bus to reach Banki. The closest airport to Banki is located at the city of Bhubaneswar at the distance of just 82km.

Bhatarika Temple

It’s a quite popular temple in Odisha. It is located at Sasanga village, Baramba, Athgarh, Cuttack. This temple is where the Goddess Maa Bhatarika is worshiped. As per the Hindu beliefs, this goddess is known as the manifestation of Power. The location is temple is the next best attraction here. The River Mahanadi passes right at the side of the temple and also creates a gorge. As per the Purana, when Parasuram came across certain defeats while fighting with Saharasjuna, he prayed to Devi Durga and she appeared right at this spot and imparted here divine powers in order to help Parasuram win.

Barabati Fort, Historic Monument

The Barabati Fort is located right at the town of Cuttack. This fort was built during the 14th century. It’s the Ganga dynasty that built this fort. Now the ruins of this fort are still present. Among the ruins, its gate, moat as well as the earthen-mound of Barabati Fort’s 9-storied palace can really draw your attention at the first instance. Now, this fort is located right at next to Barabati Stadium which is primarily famous for the international cricket matches and other sports activities. Close to this place, the Katak Chandi temple is located. This temple is known as the presiding deity of this city.

To promote tourism, now plans are coming up to make Old Gadakhai one of the most prominent tourist places where there will be world class gardens and boating facilities. It’s the renovation work for this place was already started and in to its full swing. From the center of Cuttack town, the Barabati Fort is located at a distance of eight km. this fort is also located on the delta that is created by River Mahanadi at the north and River Kathajodi at the south. This delta is located at a height of 14.62 from the sea level.

Ansupa Fresh Water Lake

This is not a salt water lake. This is one of the best gifts from the Mother Nature for the district of Cuttack. This is a fresh water lake and known for its amazing beauty and serenity. This lake is also the best place for those who wish to have fresh fishes in their menu. Apart from this the Lake Ansupa is also famous as the asylum where the migratory birds use to come every year during the winter time. During this time of the year, Lake Ansupa goes lively with a huge population of tourists. This is also the right time of the year when you can arrange picnic party right at the bank of this lake. The water channel of this lake boasts a great atmosphere for boating and fishing.

The closest bus stop to Ansupa Lake is Athgarh. From Cuttack, you can get regular buses to this place. From Athgarh, this lake is located at a distance of 14 km. you can also hire taxi or can go by auto rickshaw from Athgarh to Ansupa. The nearby railway station to Ansupa is the Cuttack Railway Station. From Athgarh the Cuttack city is located at a distance of 54 km. and the close airport to Ansupa is Bhubaneswar’s Biju Pattnaik International Airport. Over the time Ansupa has evolved as one of the best picnic spots in Odisha. Visitors from different parts of Odisha prefer to come here during the winter time in order to take part in activities like fishing, boating and watching a wide range of migratory birds.

Latlitgiri Buddhist Monasteries

Latlitgiri is famous from Buddhist tourism perspective in Odisha, India. In Oriya, this place is also called as Nalitgiri. This is a big Buddhist complex where you can find some major Baudha Stupas, images of Lord Budha and the Buddhist monasteries. This is also considered as one of the oldest tourist spots in this part of the world. Along with Udaygiri and Ratnagiri, Latlitgiri is also assigned as the part from Puspagiri University which is located right at the top of the hills that comprise of same names. These 3 complexes are also called as Diamond Triangle in Odisha. Some of the major findings at this Buddhist complex are the relics of Buddha. It is also believed that tantric Buddhism used to be practices here in the past.

As per the history, Latlitgiri is having its own importance. The famous traveler from China named as Huein T Sang visited this place during 7th century AD. There are many antiquities which were excavated right from this place and these elements suggest that Latlitgiri was a prime part for Puspagiri Buddha Vihar in the past. In order to reach this place by bus, you can catch Cuttack-Paradip regular buses that go via Chandikhol. Here you can find closest accommodation at Chandikhol as well as Kendrapada. From Cuttack, you can take bus and reach at Bandareswar Chhak while covering a distance of 61 km. from this chhak, Latlitgiri is located at a distance of 3 km. Cuttack railway station is the nearest railway station and Bhubaneswar airport is the closest airport to Latlitgiri which are located at a distance of 64 km and 97 km respectively.


Naraj is located on Kathajodi River which is originated from River Mahanadi. This place is known for presenting the most stunning nature’s view to the visitors. This place is also the home for sacred shrine where Lord Sidheswar is worshiped. It is also popular for the Buddhist images. It’s a great picnic spot. The closest bus stop is the Badambadi Bus Stop, in Cuttack town. At the IB Naraj, you can find accommodation facility.

Ravenshaw University

This is one of the most prominent and famous universities of Odisha. Students from across the globe are now coming here to pursue their studies. It was constructed during the year 1868. And since then it is used as the pioneer educational institution in Odisha

Cuttack Chandi

Also known Katak Chandi which is an ancient temple and here the Goddess Chandi is worshiped. This temple is located at the side of River Mahanadi. For the Kai Puja and Durga Puja like festivals, this place is famous. Especially during the Durga Puja, this temple becomes more prominent. This festival is carried for 16 days. Katak Chandi is also known as the prime Goddess for the ancient Cuttack city. This goddess uses to have four hands in order to carry Ankusha, Paasha, Abhaya and the granting boon. People in this city strongly believe in Katak Chandi and they use to call here as the Living Goddess.

Barabati Stadium

This stadium is constructed with the modern designs. It is also the home for football and cricket association of Odisha. This is also the home ground for Orissa Cricket team as well as managed by Odisha Cricket Association. This stadium is also famous for other sporting activities like first-division football leagues. It is also known as an old ground in a country like India. Several international cricket matches were organized here in the past. The flood-light arrangement at this stadium has also prepared it in a good way for the arrangement of day and night cricket matches.