Bhadrak is the administrative district of Odisha, India. Such name was assigned for this district after the Goddess Bhadrakali. There are many things that make this district famous. Among all such things and places the Eram village has become one of the renowned places in this district. Here, the British Policemen have killed near about 30 innocent people and this incident has added a very touchy history for this part of Odisha. However, the actual history associated with this district dates back to the age of Puranas. Mukund Dev was the last king who ruled this part of Odisha. Around 1575, the Muslim people started to expand their population. During the Mughal rule in India, this part of Odisha was assigned as a Subha.

During that time the Bengal’s Nawab used to look after this area. After this, Bhadrak has become the place for many dynasties and civilizations where they have grown and collapsed till the British invaded this place. This district is spreading over an area of 2,505 km sq. From state capital of Odisha which is known as Bhubaneswar, Bhadrak town is located at a distance of 125 km. This town can be accessed by train or bus services easily. It’s the Salandi River that uses to pass by Bhadrak district. The economy of this place is greatly influenced by the industries. It is also the home for FACOR which is the largest ferro chrome manufacturer in India. From tourism perspective, the district of Bhadrak has some astonishing places to reveal before the tourists.This area has attracted geologists for years. Angul district is also popular for its industries. Leading industry like NALCO or known as National Aluminum Company Ltd is located here. The raw materials and the manpower stocks of this district have helped it to develop as one of the best places where industries can develop at a great pace. And surely there are many things this district has to showcase before the tourists. Let’s get some details about the prime tourist locations located at Angul district, Odisha.
Top attractions:

Bhadrakali Temple

It’s the temple where Goddess Bhadrakali is worshiped. This temple is located right at the outskirt of Aharapada village. From Bhadrak town this temple is located at a distance of 8 km. It’s been believed that the name for such town was derived and placed on the basis of the name of this temple. Once you are at this temple, you cannot just prevent yourself from admiring the awe-inspiring statue of the Goddess. This statue is made of pure black granite. Watching the goddess seating in a lotus posture while on the lion creates a mesmerizing view. Everyday this temple remains open for the devotees and the tourists from morning 6.30 am and closes at 1 pm and again it remains open from 3 pm and closes 9.30 pm.

Goddess Dhamrai

The temple located at Dhamra is quite a popular spot in Odisha. Goddess Dhamara is worshiped right here. This temple is located at the coastal township of Dhamara. This is also the place where the Dhamra River uses to reach for Bay of Bengal. From Bhadrak town, this place is located at a distance of 60 km. This place is also surrounded by Basudebpur at the north, Chandbali at the west, Bay of Bengal at the east and Kalibhanjadia at the south.


The Akhandalamani Temple has always been considered as one of the most important place in this district. It is the most vital place for Shaivism. This is also considered as the most revered one. It is located at Aradi which is 52 km away from Bhadrak town. The prime deity of this temple is Shiva. The local here use to call this deity as Baba Akhandalamani. The Konika king Shri Harihara Bhanja as well as his queen named as Satyabhama Patadei have played a major part for constructing this temple. The height of this temple is near about 150 ft. The stone used to build this temple were once brought from the most famous Lalitgiri hills which are closely located to Chandikhol. However, the prime entrance of this temple was constructed by the sage named as Shri Narasingha Pratap Kumar. Another sage named as Shri Darshan Sekhar Das has built surrounding walls of this temple.

Dhamara Port

It’s the most ancient port located right on the bank of Baitarani River. This port is located five km away from the Kanika Palace. There are some ancient sculptures; structures and that direction tower are still present at this port. From Bhadrak railway station it is located at a distance of 62 km.

Sri Biranchinarayan Temple

At the Palia village this temple is located. From Bhadrak town it is located at a distance of fifteen km towards the south. When you move from Bhadrak to Chandbali, you can easily reach for the Sri Biranchinarayan temple. On Odisha’s cultural map, this place holds a very important position. Surya Upasana was quite popular in Odisha during the ancient time. Now this temple stands as the significant evidence for Surya upasana. This temple is devoted to Surya Devata who is also known as the Sun God who brings lecture and light. However, the present temple is devoted to Sri Biranchinarayan. The image of Sri Biranchinarayan is a four-faced image. There is a square shaped stone located at the top and this stone is what containing the Sun God’s carved images. During the beginning part of 20th century, this image was renovated as well as reconstructed.

Raktatirtha Eram Sahid Stambh

This is the most prominent tourist place in Bhadrak district. It is located 16 km away from Basudebpur. Bay of Bengal is located at one side of this place and the other 3 sides are bounded by River Kansabansa and Gameye. As this place is surrounded by the natural boundaries, it was also used as the citadel where the freedom fighters used to find their shelter. Due to such natural boundaries, it became tough for the British police to enter into Raktatirtha in the past. However, this place has become more famous after that occasion when 30 people were killed by the British police. It was the time when the entire nation was fighting for the freedom.

It’s been said that the second Jaliyanawalawag was depicted here by the British police. It’s the open field which is bounded by its three sides and just having one gate as the entrance and exit. This gate is located at the east side of this field. During that time, the freedom fighters were using this place to arrange public meeting. It was the time when Quit India Movement was on the high rise. The freedom fighters in Odisha were suing the Eram field as their meeting place. But DSP Kunjabihari Mohanty call for an open fire took 28 innocent lives here when a meeting was going on. As this field was bounded from three sides, people who were attending that meeting have got no point to escape. Near about 52 people got injured severely and one among them died later as well.

It’s the Bhadrak railway station which is the biggest train stop in this district. It also serves the Bhadrak town. After the Bhadrak town, Dhamara is considered as the next important town. Well, a new train line is also constructed from Dhamara to Bhadrak town in order to make public transportation easier.