For Western Odisha, Bargarh district is considered as the business hub. At the western border of Odisha, this district is located. It is also close to the state of Chattisgarh, India. There was a fort initially at this place and it was then known as Baghar Kota. The history related to this district dates back to 11th century AD. This is also the district where early Buddhist settlement was noted. Such settlement has influenced the lifestyle and culture of this district for some time also. As far as tourist attractions are concerned, this district has a few places to count. But this district is surely rich with its culture and heritage. The Bargarh town comes alive during the Dhanuyatra. During this Yatra, Krushna Leela is depicted on the biggest and open stage. Here, you can also find some amazing temples as well as Buddhist monasteries. There are also some caves that attract tourists to explore them while in Bargarh.

Nrusinghanath Temple

Lord Vishnu is worshiped at this deity. This is one of the famous deities in Odisha. It was built during 1413 AD. This temple is just 45ft high as well as divided into 2 parts. It’s the first part of the temple that belongs to Lord Nrushinghanath. And the other part is where you can find four different pillars that support the three gates of this temple. The temple is very famous for its amazing architecture. With the inner sanctum, you can find the statues of nine planets or in Oriya they are called as Nava Grahs. Here, you can also see the idols of Long Ganesha as well as Sahadev. However, the actual idol of Nrushinghanath is located inside the temple. This temple is located at a stunning place that attracts many visitors.

This amazing temple is located right at the foot of Gandhamardhan Hill close to Paikamal, Bargarh. The foundation stone for this temple was laid by Baijal Singh Dev who was the king of Patnagarh during 1313 AD. This temple is looks very amazing due to it height of just 45 feet. When you are going for this temple, there are also some other spots that you can access from here. At a distance of just 400 meters Chal Dhar and Bhim Dhar like temples are located. From here you can also access Sita Kunda at a distance of 500 meter and Kapil Dhar at a distance of four km.


It is believed that a piece of original Gandhamardan Mountain was dropped here while Hanuman was carrying the entire mountain to Lanka in order to cure Laxman with the Sanjeevani. Due to this reason, such mountain is named like this. At present, this has become the place for more than 5000 herbs which are very rare. These herbs are also used for the medicinal purpose. It is also popular for the wildlife sanctuary which is the house for rare bird as well as animal species.

Debrigarh wildlife sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary is located at Baraphad Hills. It is located at a height of 2267 from the sea level. It is also the place where Veer Surendra Sai has made his base. He is a renowned freedom fighter of Odisha. It is said that he was caught by British right here. It is also the home for a variety of animals like Indian Bison, black bucks and elephants. This is also the place for an artificial reservoir named as Hirakud where different bird species use to come during the winter time.


For the district of Bargarh, this place means a lot! It is the most popular and vital place in this district. When Chauhan used to rule here, they made several temples where Lord Shiva was worshiped. Among all those temples, eight temples are considered as the most important ones. These eight temples together form Astasambhu. These temples are short in height but they are equipped with amazing carvings as well as artistic architecture that belong to the Chauhan dynasty.

Mighty Mandap

From Nrusinghnath temple, at a distance of ten km Mighty Mandap is located. This one is an oldest Buddhist Cave. The history behind such temple dates back to the time of early Buddhist settlements in Bargarh.

Dhanu Yatra Festival

As a district, Bargarh is popular from different perspectives. This is the place where the famous Dhanu Yatra is organized every year. During the month of winter, this place becomes more prominent for the tourists. It is also known as the Dhanu Jatra. This is all about an open-air theatrical performance which is celebrated in Bargarh Odisha. It’s the municipality of Bargarh that uses to organize such jatra at this place. It covers an area of six km and also considered as the largest open-air theatrical performance in this world. The whole event is based on the mythological story related to Lord Krushna and his uncle Kansa.

There are some other places in Odisha where this theatrical performance is also performed now days. But the Dhanu Jatra in Bargarh is really unique and admirable from every perspective. This epic jatra is based on the visit of Balaram and Krushna to Mathura Nagari. This is also the festival during when the artificial Kansa can even punish and bring penalty for people due to the mistakes they have made. Former Chief Minister of Odisha Mr. Biju Pattnaik was once fined by the artificial Kansa during his ministries. At first the labor class people have started such festival during the British rule. Well, the death of uncle Kansa is always considered as the end for colonial rules.

During this event, the prime municipal area becomes Mathura Nagari and the river Jeera becomes the Yamuna River. It’s the daily market that is located right at the center of the town becomes main stage during such festival.