From tourism perspective, the district of Balasore in Odisha is long been considered as one of the most important regions in this state. This district is popular for its amazing coastline and others scenic beauty that attracts many visitors every year. From the capital city of Odisha which is known as Bhubaneswar it is located at a distance of 212 km. There are many temples and historical monuments located in this city that make it the most perfect tourist place in this state. Balasore town is the prime town in this district. This town is also known as residential place for Fakir Mohan Senapati who is a famous personality and known as the savior of the contemporary Oriya language. This city is also popular as a strong and thriving industrial base. There are many popular industries like Ori Plast, Birla Tyres, Emami Paper Mills and Balasore Alloys which are based here. At the outskirt of this city several paper, rubber, alloys and plastic industries are now developing.

The colleges and universities located at this place are also becoming popular as many students from Odisha and from other parts of the country are coming here to pursue their higher studies. This city has also contributed a lot for the evocation or literature and art in Odisha. Previously this district was named as Baleswar. As per the history, Dutch, British, Danish and Portuguese have managed to find their establishments here. They have also established certain industries like textiles, rice, salt and saltpaper in this part of the world. During that time, the town of Balasore has also become a major trading center for lead, silver, cowries and copperware. All these items were imported from here. This area has attracted geologists for years. Angul district is also popular for its industries. Leading industry like NALCO or known as National Aluminum Company Ltd is located here. The raw materials and the manpower stocks of this district have helped it to develop as one of the best places where industries can develop at a great pace. And surely there are many things this district has to showcase before the tourists. Let’s get some details about the prime tourist locations located at Angul district, Odisha.
Top attractions:

Buddhist Monasteries

This part of the world is also famous for the Buddhist monasteries. There are many rich sculptures still present in this city. In Kupari, Balasore still you can see the ruin of an old Buddhist place. At Soro, Solampur and Khadipada, you can find the Lord Buddha’s images. There are several other scattered images which are also in their remaining condition. In Jayachandi Forest that is located at Raibania, you can still find the Buddhist places. From the town of Balasore, this place is located at a distance of 70 km. apart from this there are several other religious and tourist places located in Balasore that attracts both the devotees and tourists every year to explore and know more about this place.

Khirachora Gopinath Temple

At Remuna, Balasore, this popular temple is located. This temple is dedicated to the Vaishnawite Culture. As per the history, Madhabendra Puri visited this place and he offered worshiped Khirachora Gopinath here. He was also the teacher form Shri Chaitanya. And at present many devotees are coming here daily in order to get that sacred view of the lord and to worship the God. At this temple, you can have that uniquely prepared milk that tastes very delicious as the Prasad. Due to this reason, Remuna is also considered as the Vrindaban of Orissa. From the town of Balasore, this place is located at a distance of just nine km.


This is a famous tourist located in Balasore. It is famous for its mythological beliefs. It’s been believed that Lord Shiva ploughed the paddy here. It is also believed that such plough is right here and many pilgrims used to come here with an intention to worship the lord. The name of such place was kept after such plough. For Saivasim, Langaleswar is very famous. Well, the location of this temple is what making it more stunning. This temple is located right at the bank of Parvati River where you can find the most amazing scenic beauty. This is the next best attraction associated with this place.

Baleshwar Temple

This temple is where Lord Shiva is worshiped. Apart from this three are 2 other temples located in the same compound such as Ratneshwar as well as Champawati Durga. However, the Baleshwar temple is constructed while following the South Indian Architecture and loaded with mind blowing Stone Carvings. Nuala – a fresh water resource is located close to this temple. Now this water resource has dried-up. At this temple, a huge crowd use to gather during the Mahasivaratri to worship the lord.

Chandaneswar Temple

From Digha, this amazing temple is located at a distance of 6 km. this temple is also a famous Shiva temple. During the Chaitra month, an annual fair is arranged here. During that fair, pilgrims from Bihar, Odisha, and Bengal use to come here. From Digha you can get rickshaw and bus services to reach for this temple. Apart from this, you can also get busses from Kolkata, Balasore town and Howrah to reach Chandaneswar. From the town of Balasore, this temple is located at a distance of 80 km. This is known to be a holy place for the Hindu believers. From here you can also access the Talasari beach which is located at a distance of 4 km.

It’s the Maha Vishuva Sankranti which is celebrated at a great enthusiasm at this shrine. This festival is also called as the Uda Parba and considered as the Oriya New Year. During this time Nilakantha Shiva is worshiped and that celebration is known as Chadaka Yatra. Near about millions of people use to gather here during this time. They use to fast for several days so that Lord Shiva will fulfill their wishes. This temple is loaded with the Oriya style architecture. However, this temple is also renovated as per the Panchratna style that belongs to West Bengal later. This is also the time when you can see some devotees pricking their tongues and bodies with iron nails.


From the town of Balasore, you can easily get the bus services to reach for this place. It’s just 27 km that you need to cover to reach for this place from the main town. You can also hire the private rickshaws and other private transportation means to reach here. This is a scenic place which is surrounded by the Nilagiri Hills. It is also located close to the Kuldiah Sanctuary and jungles. The Panchalingeshwar temple and hill are also located close to this place. There are also many waterfalls located at this part of the world. For the ex-rulers of the Nilagiri state, this place has once served as the military base.

Panchalingeswar Temple

From Hinduism perspective, this place is considered as one of the most important places. There are Five Shivalingas located here. Due to this reason such name was assigned for the place. All these Shivalingas are in the shrine. Close to the Nilagiri Hill, this temple is located at the top of a hill rock. It is believed that such Shivalingas were once enshrined by Sita, the Wide of Lord Rama. There is also a perennial stream located here which is the prime attractions of this place. This stream uses to flow over the Shivalingas constantly and also washes them. In order to reach this temple you need to lie flat with the stream and this will also help you to touch those five Shivalingas that are in the stream. From the town of Balasore, this place is located at a distance of 27 km. this is also the prime close town to the place.

From this town, you can easily get the transportation facility to Panchalingeswar. This place is also popular among visitors due to its scenic beauty. As it is located on the hill top, you can get an amazing view of the sidewise locations from this place. Due to this reason, it has also become the place for nature lovers as well as deep thinkers. Here, you can also find the accommodation facility. There is a Panthasala constructed by the Odisha tourism department where you can find such accommodation and stay in Panchalingeswar.

at a close proximity to Labangi.


From the town of Balasore, this place is located at a distance of 25 km. This one is a versatile tourist location and known for its serene beaches. If you are looking for a proper leisure, then go for Kasapali and spend time at the lonely beaches of this place. Close to these beaches fishing jetty is there. Close to it, the Bahabalpur port as well as Kasurina plantation like places is also located. The local Govt is now planning to assign boating and other modern facilities for this place so that it can attract more tourists.

Chandipur Sea Beach

From the town of Balasore, Chandipur or known as Chandipur on Sea is located at a distance of 16 km. This one is also known as the little sea resort of Balasore. It is known for its unique beach where the water and recede till five km during the tide. This is also a big reason why this beach holds a bio-diversified environment where you can find different marine creatures like horseshoe crab and others. From Nov to Mar – this is the right time of the year when you can visit Chandipur.

This place is also famous for the missile testing center. ITR or the Integrated Test Range from the Indian Army is also located here. The ITR is located on Abdul Kalam Island which was previously known as Wheeler Island. From this missile testing center several missiles were already tested in the past. However, the Chandipur beach is unique in its own way. During the high tide time, you may not be able to explore this beach sometime. From the town of Balasore, you can take bus or other private transport means to reach for this place. The beaches of Chandipur have always attracted foreign tourists coming to Odisha. There are some restaurants and hotels located at this place where you can have a wide range of sea foods. You can also have the delicious Bengali and Oriya food items. Fish curry is really cheap here.

Talasari Palm Row Beach

This is an exceptional tourist location located in the Balasore district. Despite such fact, this place is considered to be a less exploited one from tourism perspective. This beach location is not so frequently visited by the tourists coming to Odisha. However, this beach can be accessed from the Balasore town easily. From Chandaneshwar it lies at a distance of 4 km and from Balasore it lies at a distance of 88 km. from Digha also you can access this beach while covering just 8 km. this beach is located at the north east coast of the country. Such name for the beach is derived from two different words like Tala that means Palm and Sari which means row.

Here, you can find the palm trees which are located in a row while surrounding this place. This creates a superb scenic beauty for the place. This place is not just popular for its beach. It is also popular for the paddy fields, hills and several rivers. If you want to spend a proper leisure, then you must come to Talasari. This beach can even play hide and seek with you. During the high tide, you may need to hire a boat to reach for the main beach and during the other time; you can simply walk along the river bed and reach for the main beach.