The district of Balangir is located at the western part of Odisha state in India. This district is located on the area of 5,165 km sq. as per the census of 2001; this district was having a population of 1,335,760. It’s the Balangir town which is also the district headquarter. However, the land composition of this district is primarily rural. There are also some other small towns located in this district like Patnagarh, Titlagarh, Saintala, Loisingha, Tushra, Agalpur, Biripali, Deogaon and Belpada. The name of this district was assigned after the Balangir town itself. Since the year 1880, the Balangir town has remained as the headquarters for Patna state. At the north side of Balangir, Gandhamardan hill is located. There are also many hill streams that use to flow close to this district. Balangir is also known as the place for Tantrik culture. This part of the world is also notable for Ramai Deb, who experimented a republican Government form here.

Among other historical places, Balangir is also known for Ranipur-Jharial. As per the history, this place is known for the tantra vidya and the same state is popular for such thing across India. There are also many temples located at this place that date back to the 8th and 9th century AD. It’s been said that once there were more than 200 temples that used to cover a land mass of half-mile. Here, the biggest stone temple is also located and it is named as Sameswar Siva. This temple was built by Mattamayura Shaivacharya Gagana Siva. Right with the lintel of this temple, you can see his inscription. There are so many other tourist attractions located at this district that make it a proper spot from tourism perspective.

Jaya Mahadeb

It is believed that at this temple Lord Shiva has revealed himself in the form of Swayambhu and the linga is located right under the flow of that perennial stream. Here, the devotees use to drop those bela leaves as well as flowers in order to worship the lord. This temple is also surrounded by some of the most stunning views. This is also a big reason why so many tourists along with the devotees use to come here every year. There are also so many Shiva lingas located at this place. This is also a fact that points twards the antiquity of such place and also suggests the fact that in the past it was a used as a hub for the religious activities. It’s the dense forest that covers this place also make it a wonderful and amazing venue where you will love to spend some time. When you want to get relaxed at this place take a bath at the stream. It’s the Mother Nature here that will allow you to have a private bath. Both for the pilgrims and the nature lovers this place is all set to deliver you a great spot where they can worship the lord and also have a picnic. As this place is located right at the foot hill, you can always find some of the most exotic plants, animals and bird species over here. As a visitor you are surely going to make the most of your tour to this part of the world.


This village was once used for the religious activities when Savapuriya dynasty used to rule here. This is an open space which remains surrounded by the paddy fields. There are also three different deities located here where the Lord Jagannath is worshiped. There are also the images of Lord Balabhadra, Subhadra and Jagannath located here. These are the most unique images. For all the deities, different colors are applied. The idols located at these deities are below the height of 1.5 ft. particular data related to the age of these idols is yet to be known. From the town of Balangir, you can move for Patnagarh.


This is the ancient capital for Patna. This place has a mythic past as well as having a modern present too. The Patmeswari temple was built in the Chalukyan style. Here you can see the monuments of Someswar Siva and these monuments belong to the 12th century. There is also the reminiscence of some temples that were once built during the Chauhan dynasty


This part of the Balangir district is known for its scenic beauty. From its three sides, this place is surrounded by the green-capped hills. It’s the water mass that is located here which use to dazzle with a natural scenery. This water mass also uses to offer the cool breeze to tourists coming to this place. This is also considered as the best place for camping and picnic. Throughout the year, picnic parties use to arrive at this place.

Shiva temple of Jogeswar

From the town of Balangir, this Shiva temple is located at a distance of 25 km and from Loisingha it is located at a distance of 7 km. this Shiva temple is noted to Jogisarda.


This one is considered as one of the oldest temple in Odisha. This temple is located at the southern side of Gandhamardan Hills. This hill uses to stand along the border of Sambalpur and Balangir. This temple was constructed during the 14th century in order to worship Lord Shiva. Harisankar temple is known for its amazing architecture and built with the Orissa style architecture. The name of such place was put after Hari, the Lord Vishnu and Sankar, the Lord Shiva. Both these lords are the most prominent lords for the Hindu believers. There is also a plateau located between these two temples. This plateau is a strewn where you can still find the ancient ruins of Buddhism. These are also considered as the remnants of an ancient University of Parimalgiri.

This place is located at a distance of 81 km from the district of Balangir. This is also the place where you can find the foaming water that uses to sparkle in the most vibrant manner. This temple is also surrounded by the sun-dappled forest and known for the granite bed. Right at this place you can find the best gifts from the Mother Nature. There are many bird species and animal species that use to thrive here in the best way. This hill side is also known for the medicinal plants. From Balangir town it is located at a distance of 81 km.


This village belongs to the aborigines of the district. This is also the place for most amazing Jagannath cult that is made of the neem tree. The name of such village was derived from Narasingh who was believed to be the 4th carnation of the Lord Vishnu who killed the demon named as Mura. Well, the villagers here have shown a great change with their moral when Bijoy Kumar Mohanty, a school teacher stood as the leader to them. He was also in the charge to worship a small idol of the Lord Jagannath. That holy tree of neem was once located by him along with the villagers. They did so to invite Puri’s king. There was an old woman named as Kayavati Pradhan who donated her land in order to construct those deities