On the 1st of April, 1993, Angul has become one of the recognized districts of Odisha or formerly known as Orissa. This district is special from several perspectives. The lush green forests, landscapes, water channels and amazing sceneries located in this district have always managed to draw attention of tourists. This is also the district where the wildlife has flourished with a great mean. It’s the prime river of Odisha known as Mahanadi that passes right through this district while forming a twenty tow km long and narrow gorge. This gorge is also considered as one of the biggest gorges located in India. Talcher coal mines are also located under this district.

This area has attracted geologists for years.  Angul district is also popular for its industries. Leading industry like NALCO or known as National Aluminum Company Ltd is located here. The raw materials and the manpower stocks of this district have helped it to develop as one of the best places where industries can develop at a great pace. And surely there are many things this district has to showcase before the tourists. Let’s get some details about the prime tourist locations located at Angul district, Odisha.

Sri Saila Khetra

Right at the hill top of Sunasagada, Sri Saila Khetra is located. It’s the prime temple of this place that comprises of Jagamohan, Mukhasala, Garvagriha and Natyamandir. At the prime temple, Devi Subhadra and Lord Jagannath are worshiped. At this complex Goddess Bimala, Laxmi and Saraswati are also worshiped. This temple has become a prime hot spot for many tourists and Hindu pilgrims. It remains open throughout the year. Here, you can also watch the car festival that is associated with the Lord Jagannath. There is a society which is headed by the Collector of Angul uses to manage this temple.


This is a village and a popular tourist spot in Angul district. From the Angul-Bagedia road, this village is located at a distance of 28 km. this village is popular for its shrine that is dedicated to the Goddess Ramchandi. As per the Hindu beliefs, Goddess Ramchandi possesses great powers. It is also believed that by worshiping such goddess, sterile women can even become fertile and obtain children.

Budhi Thakurani Temple

Right at the Angul town, this temple is located. Close to this temple, an exact replicate of Puri Jagannath temple is also built. Goddess Budhi Thakurani is also known as presiding deity of this district. Since the 8th century AD, this district is also known as the Sakta Centre. It was the time when the Silkies have managed to rise on this soil. At this temple the goddess is worshiped in a stone icon form that is covered with the vermillion. Throughout the year, this shrine uses to draw tourists and Hindu pilgrims.


It’s the Simhada River’s bank where the holy peetha of Goddess HIngula is located. From Talcher, this peetha is located at a distance of 14km. There is also a temple of Goddess HIngula which is located here. During Chaitra month, HIngula Yatra is celebrated here for nine days.

The Hot Spring of Deulajhari

Well, this is a hot water spring and this has always remained as the prime tourist attractions of Angul district. This hot water spring is surrounded by lush green forest and closely located to Athmalik, Deulajhari. There is an underneath Shivalinga from where such hot water spring is commenced. Due to this reason, this place is also attached to several religious dimensions.


It’s the place where the rock-art-sleeping image of God Vishnu can really make you feel mesmerized. From Angul town this spot is located at a distance of 50 km. it’s the Brahmani River’s bank where this amazing spot is located. From Talcher, it is located at a distance of 30 km. it is believed that this rock art was constructed during 8th to 9th century AD. It is also considered as the largest sleeping rock art of God Vishnu.

Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary

It’s the Tikarpada crocodile sanctuary that has often attracted visitors coming to Angul district Odisha. It is located at the left bank of the Satakosia gorge. This gorge is also popular for its amazing forest and the variety of wildlife.

It is located at the eastern side of Angul town. From wildlife tourism and eco tourism perspectives, this place is always considered as a special one. Really there are many things that make Tikarpada one of the most accessed places by tourists in Angul district. There are a few things about Tikarpada that you need to know before you access this place during your holiday.

From tourism point of view, Tikarpada is always considered as one of the most important places in Odisha. It comprises of so many things and other venues that you will love to explore. The best time to visit this place starts from Oct and ends during Feb. This is a great place for families, kids as well as couples. There is also guest house where you can book and stay in Tikarpada. No matter what time of the day you are arriving at this place, it’s all set to welcome you with a great gesture. The scenic beauty of this place has always attracted visitors from across the globe. This tourist location has a few important places that you need to access during your visit.

Gharial sanctuary

This sanctuary has become the home for different animals like crocodiles, gharial, snakes and turtles. In order to breed and preserve the gharials, there is also a preservation center located here.

The wildlife sanctuary of Tikarpada

The name of this sanctuary is based on the name of the Tikarpada village. This sanctuary spreads across an area of 795.52 square km. This makes it one of the biggest sanctuaries in Odisha. This sanctuary is the home for many different types of animals and birds species like leopards, jungle fowl, elephants, Indian adjutant, etc.


This place is closely located to Tikarpada and also considered as one of the best places in Odisha for trekking. It’s the place where Takarsingha Waterhole is located and this is also the place for many different types of animals. This water hole is located at a close proximity to Labangi.

Satkosia Gorge Wildlife Sanctuary

During 1976, this wildlife sanctuary was announced in Odisha. This wildlife sanctuary covers more than 796 sq km of area. It’s the wildlife sanctuary that is covered with dense forest. And the wildlife here seems to be really thriving. This part of Angul district is also popular for its tiger reserve that expands on 988.30 km sq of area. This tiger reserve is located right at the side of the 22km gorge that is created by river Mahanadi while it passes through the Eastern Ghats mountain region. Well, this tiger reserve was announced during the year 2007. It is also a part of Satkosia Wildlife Sanctuary and also located adjacent to the Baisiapalli Wildlife Sanctuary.

It’s the Satkosia Wildlife Sanctuary which is best known for its deciduous forest. In this forest the wildlife appears to be very rich. From tigers to leopards and from spotted deer to nilgai, sambar, sloth bear as well as wild dog; you can really find a wide range of animals here. This sanctuary is also a home for many different types of migratory birds as well as reptilian species such as maggar crocodile, gharial, turtles, and both poisonous as well as non poisonous snakes. In order to protect and to expand the number of gharial crocodile, a Gharial Research & Conservation Unit is also located at this place. This unit has also become a distinctive feature of Satkosai Wildlife Sanctuary.

It is a small village located at a distance of twenty km from Tikarpada. Right to the bank of Mahanadi River, this village is located. This is a very prominent picnic spot as it is located between the hills. Here, you can also have the boating facility.

Binkei Temple

Goddess Binkei is worshiped here. Right on the bank of River Mahanadi, this temple is located. This temple is located at a distance of 8 km from Tikarpada.