If you are looking for something different in Odisha, then Taptapani is the right place for you. This place is famous for the hot water spring. This water use to come out from the core of the earth and having sulphur like substance. Tapta mean hot and Pani, means the water. Due to this reason, such name was assigned for this place. This is a natural spring where the hot sulphuric water uses to come out. This water is believed to be loaded with the medicinal properties. You can even take a bath in this water, as there is a man made pond created close to that hot spring.

At the east part of Eastern Ghats, this spring is located. It’s the lush green jungle that surrounds this hot spring and having a lot of fauna and flora. The next best attraction at this spot is the tribal community that use to live here. It is also famous for the Eastern Ghat’s amazing landscape. It’s the forest department here that has also created and maintained a good park. From the Berhempur town, this hot spring is located at a distance of 50 km. it is also the nearest railway stop for Taptapani. In order to find your accommodation, you can try at the Panthanivas created close to Taptapani. There are two AC suits here along with the common balcony and spacious bedroom. There is also a swimming pool created where you can find the warm water that is diverted from the Taptapani’s hot-water spring.

From these cottages, you can find a great view of the lush green forest and the valley. Spending some time there during your leisure can make you day for sure. It’s the dining hall that appears to be placed at the meeting point of the two mountain folds. Simply by walking from here, one can reach for the Kandimata Mandir. Before worshiping here, the locals use to take bath in that hot water spring. The forest department has also announced a deer park here.

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