This is an exceptional tourist location located in the Balasore district. Despite such fact, this place is considered to be a less exploited one from tourism perspective. This beach location is not so frequently visited by the tourists coming to Odisha. However, this beach can be accessed from the Balasore town easily. From Chandaneshwar it lies at a distance of 4 km and from Balasore it lies at a distance of 88 km. from Digha also you can access this beach while covering just 8 km. this beach is located at the north east coast of the country. Such name for the beach is derived from two different words like Tala that means Palm and Sari which means row.

Here, you can find the palm trees which are located in a row while surrounding this place. This creates a superb scenic beauty for the place. This place is not just popular for its beach. It is also popular for the paddy fields, hills and several rivers. If you want to spend a proper leisure, then you must come to Talasari. This beach can even play hide and seek with you. During the high tide, you may need to hire a boat to reach for the main beach and during the other time; you can simply walk along the river bed and reach for the main beach.

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