During 1976, this wildlife sanctuary was announced in Odisha. This wildlife sanctuary covers more than 796 sq km of area. It’s the wildlife sanctuary that is covered with dense forest. And the wildlife here seems to be really thriving. This part of Angul district is also popular for its tiger reserve that expands on 988.30 km sq of area. This tiger reserve is located right at the side of the 22km gorge that is created by river Mahanadi while it passes through the Eastern Ghats mountain region. Well, this tiger reserve was announced during the year 2007. It is also a part of Satkosia Wildlife Sanctuary and also located adjacent to the Baisiapalli Wildlife Sanctuary.

It’s the Satkosia Wildlife Sanctuary which is best known for its deciduous forest. In this forest the wildlife appears to be very rich. From tigers to leopards and from spotted deer to nilgai, sambar, sloth bear as well as wild dog; you can really find a wide range of animals here. This sanctuary is also a home for many different types of migratory birds as well as reptilian species such as maggar crocodile, gharial, turtles, and both poisonous as well as non poisonous snakes. In order to protect and to expand the number of gharial crocodile, a Gharial Research & Conservation Unit is also located at this place. This unit has also become a distinctive feature of Satkosai Wildlife Sanctuary.

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