Lord Vishnu is worshiped at this deity. This is one of the famous deities in Odisha. It was built during 1413 AD. This temple is just 45ft high as well as divided into 2 parts. It’s the first part of the temple that belongs to Lord Nrushinghanath. And the other part is where you can find four different pillars that support the three gates of this temple. The temple is very famous for its amazing architecture. With the inner sanctum, you can find the statues of nine planets or in Oriya they are called as Nava Grahs. Here, you can also see the idols of Long Ganesha as well as Sahadev. However, the actual idol of Nrushinghanath is located inside the temple. This temple is located at a stunning place that attracts many visitors.

This amazing temple is located right at the foot of Gandhamardhan Hill close to Paikamal, Bargarh. The foundation stone for this temple was laid by Baijal Singh Dev who was the king of Patnagarh during 1313 AD. This temple is looks very amazing due to it height of just 45 feet. When you are going for this temple, there are also some other spots that you can access from here. At a distance of just 400 meters Chal Dhar and Bhim Dhar like temples are located. From here you can also access Sita Kunda at a distance of 500 meter and Kapil Dhar at a distance of four km.

Nrusinghanath Temple in Bargarh all so at the hills of gandhamardhan near paikmal presents quintessential crowning glories of Orissa. Orissa is most famous for the rich historical heritage, temple architecture; vibrant living temples, golden sand beaches, Indian puri and amazing nature are few highlights of this Golden Triangle. No doubt, it is rated as one of the best Family Holiday Destination in Odisha. Puri, Konark, Bhubaneswar popularly known as Golden Triangle Tour in Odisha offers best family holiday option to meet everyone’s interest.