It’s the Mirigikhoj Waterfall which is located at a distance of 114 km from the town of Rourkela. This waterfall is also located at the back side of Kalta Iron Mines. From the month of Aug, you can experience the real force as well as beauty of this waterfall. This waterfall is 100 ft high and it is located in various steps. It’s the bed of the Mirigikhoj Waterfall which is packed with stones of iron ores. The fact is that such waterfall is still in an unexplored form and there are many people who don’t even know about its presence.

This waterfall is also called as the Toda Naal. The water that uses to flow from this fall is quite chill as this fall is surrounded by the hills from every side along with the big trees. From Rourkela, you can reach for Rajamunda. And from there you will go to Lahunipada and from there you will reach for the Chuna Ghati. At this Ghati you can also see the temple of Bana Devi. The Mirigikhoj Waterfall is just eight km away from this place.

Explore beautiful glimpse of crystal clear waterfalls in Orissa. Mirigikhoj waterfall one of the amazing attraction of Orissa. Orissa is most famous for the rich historical heritage, temple architecture; vibrant living temples, golden sand beaches, jagannath dham and amazing nature are few highlights of this Golden Triangle. No doubt, it is rated as one of the best Family Holiday Destination in Odisha. Puri, Konark, Bhubaneswar popularly known as Golden Triangle Tour in Odisha offers best family holiday option to meet everyone’s interest.