It’s the Loknath temple that was built during the eleventh century and located close to the Jagannath Temple of Puri. This temple is dedicated to the Lord Shiva. As per the history, Lord Rama has established the Shiva Linga here. The most unique feature of this temple is that the lingas use to remain under the water and this has spread the belief that a flow from River Ganga is doing so. The prime festival celebrated at this temple is the Saranti Somavar Fair. Devotees coming here use to believe that Shiva lingam here can cure several diseases once they use to darshan the Lord Shiva here.

It’s the Utsava Murti of Lord Lokanath that is kept right at the inside part of Jagannath temple. He is also considered as a guardian deity of all jewelry and treasures that belong to Lord Jagannath. Shiva Ratri is also the prime festival that is celebrated at this temple. It’s the innermost chamber of this temple where the Shiva Linga is preserved and it is also the prime deity of this temple. This Linga can be watched once in a year by the devotees. During the Pankoddhar Ekadashi, the total water used to be bail out and due to this reason the Shiva Linga becomes visible for the devotees. This is also the time when thousands of devotees use to come here for the Darshan. As per the locals, people who are suffering from some incurable diseases can take the holy bath in this water and get cure. During this time, the devotees use to offer curd, honey, flowers, milk, sandal paste, coconut water, beetle leaves and bela leaves to the lord. This offering is also offered throughout the year.

Due to this reason, the water flowing here use to have a special scent throughout the year. Right at the southern wall of this temple you can see the image of Lord Ganesha that uses to have four hands. There are also several other images assigned for the side walls of this temple. All these images are located inside those small temples residing in the main Loknath Temple. While going towards the temple from the road, you will come across a pond. This pond is named as Parvati Sagar. Devotees use to wash feet and hands in this pond before they enter the sacred temple of Loknath.

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