Latlitgiri is famous from Buddhist tourism perspective in Odisha, India. In Oriya, this place is also called as Nalitgiri. This is a big Buddhist complex where you can find some major Baudha Stupas, images of Lord Budha and the Buddhist monasteries. This is also considered as one of the oldest tourist spots in this part of the world. Along with Udaygiri and Ratnagiri, Latlitgiri is also assigned as the part from Puspagiri University which is located right at the top of the hills that comprise of same names. These 3 complexes are also called as Diamond Triangle in Odisha. Some of the major findings at this Buddhist complex are the relics of Buddha. It is also believed that tantric Buddhism used to be practices here in the past.

As per the history, Latlitgiri is having its own importance. The famous traveler from China named as Huein T Sang visited this place during 7th century AD. There are many antiquities which were excavated right from this place and these elements suggest that Latlitgiri was a prime part for Puspagiri Buddha Vihar in the past. In order to reach this place by bus, you can catch Cuttack-Paradip regular buses that go via Chandikhol. Here you can find closest accommodation at Chandikhol as well as Kendrapada. From Cuttack, you can take bus and reach at Bandareswar Chhak while covering a distance of 61 km. from this chhak, Latlitgiri is located at a distance of 3 km. Cuttack railway station is the nearest railway station and Bhubaneswar airport is the closest airport to Latlitgiri which are located at a distance of 64 km and 97 km respectively.

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