Lakhari is the wild life sanctuary that is located at the district of Ganjam. This sanctuary is spreading over an area of 118 km sq. it is located right on the Lakhari valley which is a part of the Eastern Ghats mountain range. This sanctuary is also famous for several plant species like Sal forest as well as mixed-deciduous forest. It’s the Eastern Highlands where you can find the moist eco-region and this is the place where Lakhari is located. However, the villagers living close to the sanctuary’s gate have often reported that there is hardly any wildlife they have seen at the Chandragiri range.

Contrary to this statement, reports suggest that tigers use to live in this jungle. Even tigers were spotted outside the Lakhari sanctuary in the past. Villagers of the Rangamatia have also reported the same thing. This type of claim was reaffirmed by the local forest department here. They have also reported that the big cats are living and thriving here. Again at the Mohana block, the forest department has also found the foot marks of the big cat. This is a big reason, why Lakhari as a wild life sanctuary has started to draw attention of many tourists.

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