Baliguda forest division is the home for Kotagarh wildlife sanctuary. This sanctuary is also protected by the wildlife act of 1972. Due to this reason, it has now become a protected wildlife area. This has also promoted the research programs and the developments works here. This wildlife sanctuary is spreading over an area of 399.5 sq km. this is spreading over a huge part of Tumudibandh and Kotagarh range that comes under the Kotagarh as well as Daring Badi block of Baliguda which is a civil sub division for the Kandhamal district. This sanctuary is also bordered by the Baliguda range forest at the north side, Belghar forest range at the west side, Durgapanga and Srirampur at the south side and Simanhbadi forest range at the east side. This sanctuary is also constituted on a forest area of 26950.96 hectares.

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