It’s the khandadhar waterfall that uses to fall from a height of 244m. This makes it the 12th highest waterfall in a country like India. This is an amazing waterfall and located at a distance of 114 km from the town of Rourkela. The water coming through this waterfall is supported by the Korapani Nala which is a perennial flow. The khandadhar Waterfall is located under the Nandapani, Bonaigarh zone of Sundergarh district. As per the history, for the first time the tribal group called as Pauri Bhuiya have explored the place around khandadhar where this waterfall is located. But now this waterfall and its beauty has hampered a lot due to constant mining at the surrounding locations.

Right on the khandadhar Hill Range, there is also Kurmitar Mine operated. From this mine, iron ore is exported to China as well as manganese to Korea. Due to such mining operations, the mountain top stream was diverted. Due to this reason, there is a partial drying of such waterfall can be seen. Despite all these facts, the khandadhar waterfall still attracts many visitors to explore its natural beauty and scenery.

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