It’s the Jagannath Temple in Puri which is considered as the most sacred pilgrimage spot in India. This is a Vaishnava temple and Lord Jagannath is worshiped here. This temple in located at Puri town. This temple is also the prime one among Char Dhams that are considered as the most important pilgrimage spots for Hindus. As per the Hindu beliefs, they should visit these Char Dhams at least once in their lifetime. It was the king Chodagangadeva who started the construction of this temple.

He is also the person who constructed several other temples like Sun Temple in Konark, and other Shaivism temples. However, the construction work for Puri Jagannath temple was completed by King Anangabhimadeva later during 12th century. This temple is a famous spot as the Ratha Yatra like major festival is celebrated here. This festival is also known as the Chariot festival. During this festival, the three major Gods of this temple are hauled on the elaborately decorated huge temple cars.

This festival is celebrated since the medieval time and considered as the biggest religious occurring in this country. The icons of the deities that are hauled on the temple cars are made of wood. On a gap of every 12 or 19 years, such wooden structures are ceremoniously replaced while using the woods extracted from sacred tress. Such woods are carved in such a way that the exact replica of the deities can be formed. For this temple there are four entrances assigned. The security of this temple is very selective and this often depends on who is permitted to enter into its premise.

Hindus from the non Indian descent and origin are excluded from this premise. However, visitors who are not allowed to enter into this premise can still find a glimpse of the Lord Jagannath from the roof of a nearby library known as Raghunandan Library. In the past due to the unauthorized entrance of the foreigners has forced the management comity of this temple to implement this rule. Well, Jain and Buddhist people can enter into this temple if they are able to prove that they are real Indians.

But now days non Indian Hindus are entering into this temple after an incident occur when three Hindus from Bali were denied to enter into it. From morning 5 to late night 12, this temple remains open. During the Sahana Mela, devotees are allowed to go up to the lords and for this they are not supposed to pay any fee. The prime festival here is the Ratha Yatra or the Cart Festival.

Visit the world famous attraction Lord Shree Jagannath Temple Puri. Puri is major pilgrimage destination for the entire tourist of the India. Orissa is most famous for the rich historical heritage, temple architecture; vibrant living temples, golden sand beaches, jagannath temple and amazing nature are few highlights of this Golden Triangle. No doubt, it is rated as one of the best Family Holiday Destination in Odisha. Puri, Konark, Bhubaneswar popularly known as Golden Triangle Tour in Odisha offers best family holiday option to meet everyone’s interest.