Didayees tribe is considered as an important tribe in Malkangiri. The people associated with this tribe use to have a rich heritage. They are considered as the Bonda’s progeny. It is also been said that they are related to Paraja tribe. These people have established matrimonial relationship with other tribes like Poraja, Bonda and Gadava. Despite all these facts, the Didayees people have always managed to stay distinctive and maintained their natural identity on a high node. As per the law of India, they are considered as the Scheduled Tribe. These people can be found at both side of Machhkund River. They are also staying at the center part of Kandakamberu Hill.

There are five panchayats of the Kudumulugumma where these people can be traced. They use to live in a very clean and neat house and love to paint the walls of their homes. Fishing, hunting, and cultivation are the activities through which they use to find their bread and butter. These people are faithful and religious. Most importantly, their hospitality, treatment methods and cultural life are what have attracted so many outsiders to come close to them. The Govt. at this part of Malkangiri has also announced the Didayee Development Organization for the development of Didayees people.

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