Satpada is the town located in Puri district. Sata means Seven and the Pada means the village. So Satpada means the group of seven villages and this place is located at a distance of fifty km from Puri and it is also the home for Irrawaddy Dolphins. From the town of Puri, this place is located at a distance of 48 km. from the state capital Bhubaneswar, this place is located at a distance of 100 km. it’s the NH 203 A that connects Satpada with Puri town. The prime thing associated with this place is that it is located at the side of Chilika Lake and also close to the lake mouth of Chilika where this lake is connecting with the sea. The prime attraction of this spot is dolphin watching and taking a boat ride in the Lake Chilika.

Every year, many tourists use to come to this place in order to find a glimpse of dolphins. When you are going from Puri to Satpada, after covering 22 km, you will reach at Brahmagiri where the Alarnath temple is located. During the Ansara period, many devotees use to arrive at this temple for the darshan. This time uses to fall just before Ratha Yatra of Puri. At Satpada, you can see different boats which are available for the tourists. These tourist boats are the power driven ones. So, taking a ride on them is safe enough.

It’s the Motor Boat Association of Satpada that uses to manage these boats. They have also fixed the rate charts for different boats on the basis of their capacity as well as the duration of time tourists want to spend in the water channel. This association is also responsible for maintaining the rest rooms, drinking water facility and toilets in Satpada for the tourists. Satpada is located at the southern side of Lake Chilika. Panasapada village is also located close to this spot. At this spot, you can also hire the cycles and the auto rickshaws as your local transport means. At this spot, you can sometime see the migratory birds. But they are not coming here often. However, from Satpada, you can take the four hours of boat ride to reach for Nalabana in order to see several species of migratory birds.

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