From the town of Balasore, Chandipur or known as Chandipur on Sea is located at a distance of 16 km. This one is also known as the little sea resort of Balasore. It is known for its unique beach where the water and recede till five km during the tide. This is also a big reason why this beach holds a bio-diversified environment where you can find different marine creatures like horseshoe crab and others. From Nov to Mar – this is the right time of the year when you can visit Chandipur.

This place is also famous for the missile testing center. ITR or the Integrated Test Range from the Indian Army is also located here. The ITR is located on Abdul Kalam Island which was previously known as Wheeler Island. From this missile testing center several missiles were already tested in the past. However, the Chandipur beach is unique in its own way. During the high tide time, you may not be able to explore this beach sometime. From the town of Balasore, you can take bus or other private transport means to reach for this place. The beaches of Chandipur have always attracted foreign tourists coming to Odisha. There are some restaurants and hotels located at this place where you can have a wide range of sea foods. You can also have the delicious Bengali and Oriya food items. Fish curry is really cheap here.