Budhakhol, Buddhist Culture and Heritage

Budhakhol in the district of Ganjam is considered as one of the most famous tourist location. This is one of the most important places from Buddhism tourism perspective. It also holds many things related to the state’s rich culture and heritage. The scenic beauty of this place also makes it’s a more prominent place for the visitors. There is also a waterfall located here where the water use to come down through the roots of a tree. Taking a bath here can make you feel very refreshed. The name of this place is derived from Budhi Khalo and that means the meeting place of the old caves.

It’s long been said that such name for this place was kept after Badhesvara and that means Buddha in a meditation posture. This place is the home for both Shaivaism and Buddhism. So, here you can find both Shaiva temples and Buddhist images. This place is located under the Buguda block, Ganjam district, Odisha. This place is always considered as the prime symbol of Buddhist culture. There are trees, lush green forests, caves as well as temples located at this place. All these things together are making Budhakhol one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Ganjam district.