When we are talking about Malkangiri and its attractions, how we can miss the Bonda people. It’s the Bonda tribe that originally belongs to the district of Malkangiri. They are also called as Bondo, Bhonda, Remo and Bondo Poraja. This is an ancient tribe and near about having 12,000 of people as per the census of 2011. These people use to live at the isolated hilly area of Malkangiri district. There are also two groups in this tribe; one is the Upper Bondas and they are having a population of 6,700. These people don’t have any connection with the outer world. They are really very isolated from the mainstream of society.

The next group is the Lower Bondas and they also don’t have any connection with the outer world. For the first time Bonda Tribe has got a MLA whose name was Dambaru Sisha. This person has tried a lot to protect the culture and traditions of Bonda tribe. He allowed them to take advantage of education. Due to this reason six percent of these people have managed to become literate. It’s the life expectancy rate is very low with the Bonda tribe. Due to this reason they are also considered as the extinct tribal group. They are categorized under the Scheduled Tribe group as per the laws of India and also called as Remo. This is the most primitive tribal group in Odisha and India. During last thousand years, hardly anything got changes as far Bonda culture and tradition is concerned.