It comes under the jurisdiction of the Kanika Estate. This part of the world is popular for its mangroves jungle and the saline rivers. It was declared as the wildlife sanctuary during 21st, Apr 1975. This place is very popular across the globe as the best place for crocodile breeding under a natural setting. This wildlife sanctuary is popular for its heavenly beauty as well as the wild animals like wild boars, deers, monitor lizards, monkeys, king cobras, pythons and crocodiles. Via the Khola check gate, you can move for Rajnagar and approach for this place. This can be access by road from Rajnagar.

You can also approach Dangmal from the Gupti via boat while covering the Patsala River. This will lead the way for you to reach the Bhitarkanika Nala. From Rajnagar, Gupti is located at a distance of 25 km and Dangmal can be accessed from Gupti while spending 1 Hr 30 minutes or so. Through the River Baitarani, you can also move for Dangmal from the Chandbali through boat. When you travel for Bhitarkanika by boat, it can always offer you a thrilling experience. If you want to see the crocodiles under their natural environment, then a journey to Bhitarknika by boat is always advisable.