It’s the Belghar in Kandhamal district that is gifted by so many things. The Mother Nature has blessed this part of the district in a very generous manner. This place is equipped with ample scenic sights. The rolling hills of this area remain green throughout the year. This part of the world is inhabited by the tribal people called as Kuntia Kondha. These people use to follow their old tradition to collect food from the jungle. These tribal people are very hospitable and friendly. When you are in Belghar, the wildlife here can really mesmerize you. Especially the elephant population is quite high here.

This place is a hamlet that is located 2555 feet above sea surface. This makes this place a very popular spot for adventurous activities like trekking at the nearby hills. There is also Kotagarh Sanctuary located close to it. Belghar is a great place for those who seriously want to enjoy the unspoiled wild environment. From Phulbani, it is located at a distance of 165 km and from Baliguda it is located at a distance of 70 km. Belghar is well connected by the roads. Here, you can also find the forest guest house and the tourist bungalow where they offer the accommodation facility. This part of the district is also popular for the cane works.