In the district of Khurda, Barunei Hill is a popular spot. The Barunei hill is the home for Barunei temple and the Khurda Fort that is located at a distance of 8 km from it. However, the Maa Barunei Temple located on this hilly area is what drawing most attention from the pilgrims and tourists. Goddess Barunei is always considered as the manifestation of Power. This temple is located on the hilly slope of Barunei Hill. At this temple you can find the idols of two different goddesses like Karunei and Barunei. There is also a stunning stream that uses to flow from this hill and named as Swarna Ganga. This stream is what adding more beauty factors for this place. It’s the Barunei Hill that uses to have a deep relation with the history of Odisha. This hill use to tell several stories about the great heroes and warriors of Orissa. The Khurda fort which is located close to this hill was also renovated during the early time of 1970. During the freedom fight of this state, the Barunei Hill has played a major role. It was then used by the Paikas to escape and to fight with the British.