It’s the district of Koraput that is known as an Adivasi area. That means in this district you are going to find many different types of tribal communities. Among all these tribal communities, the Barogadaba tribe has really managed to draw attention. This is also known as the primitive tribe of Koraput. In order to see these people and to know their lifestyle, you need to travel along Machhakunda. There are villages like Dural and Gotalpara where you can find the Barogadaba villages. These tribal people are believed to be more evolved ones culturally as well as socially. They use to live in their clean and well maintained homes.

The Gadaba people also believe in maintaining a strong family relationship. In this tribe both women and men use to have same status and importance. The prime festival these people use to celebrate is the Goter. They also use to organize the festival of hunting during the month of Mar and Apr. during this occasion, they use to prepare rive, mahua and beer like liquors. Both men and women use to take part in the traditional dance known as Dhemsa and all of them use to enjoy this lot.

The concentration of Adivasi or the tribal people is high in Koraput than other districts of Odisha. Near about 51 tribal groups are traced in this district. These tribal people are also divided into 3 major categories. It’s the Dravidian race that represents the Poraja, Kondh, Koya and Gond people. The next one is the Kolarian and Munda category that include Gadaba and Savara. The last one is the Austro Asian Race under which the Bondas tribal community uses to come. This is also a primitive tribal group of Koraput.