Barabati Fort, Historic Monument

The Barabati Fort is located right at the town of Cuttack. This fort was built during the 14th century. It’s the Ganga dynasty that built this fort. Now the ruins of this fort are still present. Among the ruins, its gate, moat as well as the earthen-mound of Barabati Fort’s 9-storied palace can really draw your attention at the first instance. Now, this fort is located right at next to Barabati Stadium which is primarily famous for the international cricket matches and other sports activities. Close to this place, the Katak Chandi temple is located. This temple is known as the presiding deity of this city.

To promote tourism, now plans are coming up to make Old Gadakhai one of the most prominent tourist places where there will be world class gardens and boating facilities. It’s the renovation work for this place was already started and in to its full swing. From the center of Cuttack town, the Barabati Fort is located at a distance of eight km. this fort is also located on the delta that is created by River Mahanadi at the north and River Kathajodi at the south. This delta is located at a height of 14.62 from the sea level.