On the 6th May 1981, the Baisipalli Wildlife Sanctuary was announced. This wildlife sanctuary is also located close to the Satkosia Gorge Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary is spreading over an area around 168.5 sq km. this wildlife sanctuary is the home for some amazing wild animals like elephants, bears, leopards, spotted deer and sambar deer. This wildlife sanctuary is also located at such a place where the Mahanadi River uses to pass through a gorge that is associated with the Eastern Ghats hills. At this place the elevation from sea level can be 900m or so. The Baisipali is located right at the highlands of Eastern Ghats and covered with the deciduous jungle eco-region.

There are two major plants visible here and these are Sal and the Riverine forest. In the year 2007, Satkosia Tiger Reserve was announced and this tiger reserve comprises of Satkosia Gorge Wildlife Sanctuary and the Baisipali wildlife sanctuary. Baisipali is also the place that borders river Mahanadi with Satkosia Gorge. This is also the place where the Tikarpara’s Gharial Crocodile Sanctuary is located. If you are in Tikarpara, then you should take a tour of 25 km along gorge while watching the dense forests that are located at both side of the river. This can offer you a lifetime experience. In order to avail the medical facility, you need to go for CHC at Gania. From the state capital city Bhubaneswar, this place is located at a distance of 100 km.