From the town of Keonjhar, the Badaghagara waterfall is located at a mere distance of 9 km. this waterfall is also located very close to Sanaghagara. You can say that Badaghagara is located at the upper hill region of Sanaghagara. The water that flows from Badaghagara also passes through the Sanaghagara. As this is a perennial water source, a dam is also constructed here. From Sanaghagara, this waterfall is located at a distance of three km. this water fall is popular for its unique charm. It’s just 50 feet high. It’s the River Mudala on which this water fall is located.

This place is situated right at the center of dense forest. During the winter time, it becomes a more favorable spot for picnic. Via Ghatagaon, you can also access this place from Keonjhar. In order to get the accommodation facility here, you can go to the IB of PWD or you can find it at the Tarini Yatri Niwas located at Ghatagaon. There is also a Panthasala constructed by the tourism dept here.